TXTs Yeonjun Drops Safety Bombshell

TXT’s Yeonjun has just delivered a serious message to his fans! On their recent arrival at Incheon Airport, the popular boy group was met with the usual fanfare and frenzy. But little did they know that this time, things were about to take an unexpected turn.

As TXT made their way through the bustling airport, fans gathered in massive numbers, eager to catch a glimpse of their beloved idols. Now, it’s no secret that idols are accustomed to being surrounded by enthusiastic crowds, but this time, the scene reached such extremes that even Yeonjun felt compelled to speak out.

In a heartfelt post shared on social media, Yeonjun expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans, but also sounded the alarm on the dangers that come with such chaotic crowds.

A mother with a newborn baby and an old woman got caught in the frenzy. Yeonjun was so taken aback by the chaos that he couldn’t even find the words to apologize to those who were harmed.

While it’s completely understandable that fans want to bid farewell to their idols before their overseas adventures, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first. Yeonjun’s message served as a reminder to strike a balance between support and consideration for others in these whirlwind moments.

So, let’s keep the excitement in check, folks! Keep those manners intact, avoid airport acrobatics, and let’s ensure everyone can enjoy their idol encounters without turning into a human bumper car. Safety first, fanatics!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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