P NATION Reacts to MAMAMOOs Hwasas Love Life Gossip

MAMAMOO’s sensational diva, Hwasa, recently switched to the P NATION agency. A recent report claimed that our beloved songstress is currently strumming the strings of love with an entrepreneur who’s got a good twelve years on her.

Hwasa recently made her grand entrance into the P NATION family. Applause filled the air as she inked that exclusive contract, leaving behind her longtime agency RBW.

But hold on to your hats, because P NATION, always ready to steal the spotlight, has gracefully waltzed onto the stage to give their official statement on the matter. In a melodic tone, they declared, “Regarding the recent dating rumors, because they are about the artist’s personal life, it is difficult for us to confirm whether they are true. We ask for your understanding. We apologize.”

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. P NATION has struck a chord of ambiguity, neither confirming nor denying the swirling rumors about Hwasa’s romantic escapades.

Whether love is truly in the air for Hwasa or if these rumors are just an encore of wild imagination, only time will tell.