OMEGA X Finds a New Agency

On July 3, IPQ (formerly Picturesque) proudly announced their exclusive contract with OMEGA X, expressing their enthusiasm to support the group’s journey as idol stars. But that’s not all! This agency has big plans to expand the members’ horizons, diving into acting, musicals, broadcasts, solo and unit activities, and even crafting original soundtracks. Talk about a one-stop entertainment shop!

IPQ isn’t messing around when it comes to protecting OMEGA X. They’ve vowed to take legal action against any intentional slander or defamation, showing they mean business. With their expertise in online distribution, copyright monitoring, and video production, IPQ is equipped to nurture the talents of OMEGA X while keeping them safe from harm.

What’s even more impressive is IPQ’s track record. They’re the masterminds behind the web drama “A Shoulder to Cry On,” which featured OMEGA X members Jaehan and Yechan. Now, with this exclusive contract, IPQ is set to rise as a powerhouse agency, not just in production but also in shaping cultural IP as a whole.

Let’s not forget about OMEGA X’s incredible journey so far. Since their debut in 2021 with the explosive mini album “VAMOS,” they’ve captured hearts with their unique charms and sensational music. Last year, they even embarked on a world tour, proving their global appeal. And with their latest digital single “Dream” making waves, OMEGA X is unstoppable, gracing our screens and airwaves with their undeniable talent.

Congratulations to OMEGA X on their new chapter, and let’s brace ourselves for the exhilarating ride they’re about to take us on. It’s time to witness the unstoppable rise of these extraordinary stars!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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