Olivia Rodrigo Not Behind Choi Ye Nas Hate Rodrigo Video Taken Down

In a swirl of musical mishaps, the saga surrounding Choi Ye Na’s “Hate Rodrigo” music video takes an unexpected turn. Despite rumors of Olivia Rodrigo swooping in with her request to take down the MV, Yuehua Entertainment, Choi Ye Na’s agency, is setting the record straight.

It seems the real culprit behind the disappearing act is none other than the funky dance of copyright infringement and portrait rights violation.

Yuehua Entertainment responded swiftly to the speculations, stating that the decision to make the music video private was triggered by the alarming realization that certain scenes were stepping on some legal toes.

Trademark infringement and copyright concerns were dancing cheek to cheek, forcing the agency to hit the editing floor. Apologies were extended for the abrupt confusion, with the promise of a revamped video soon to hit online.

To clear the air, Yuehua Entertainment emphasized that Olivia Rodrigo’s camp never boogied their way into the situation. No requests were received, and they’re hoping to quell any further misunderstandings caused by these groovy, yet unverified, reports. They kindly ask everyone to keep the speculation disco in check.

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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