NCTs Doyoung Bonds with Soccer Sensation Erling Haaland

The charismatic Doyoung from NCT recently graced Dolce & Gabbana’s extravagant Alta Moda show in Apulia, Italy. Little did he know that he would cross paths with none other than Erling Haaland, the phenomenal Norwegian striker who dominates the Premier League with his awe-inspiring skills at Manchester City.

As fate would have it, the universe conspired to bring these two icons together at the event, leaving fans and fashion enthusiasts in absolute awe. Photos of Doyoung and Haaland striking poses side by side instantly flooded NCT’s official social media accounts, causing a frenzy among supporters of both stars.

Not to be outdone, Erling Haaland himself couldn’t resist sharing the memorable moment on his Instagram Stories. In a delightful gesture, he tagged Doyoung’s account and even included an emoticon of the Korean flag, emphasizing the international connection between these talented individuals.

But wait, the story doesn’t end there! Enter Jungwoo, one of NCT’s shining members, known for his infectious charm and undying love for soccer. As luck would have it, he received a video from none other than Doyoung himself, capturing a heartfelt message from the sports icon.

In the clip, Haaland greets Jungwoo by name, proving that he’s not only a football prodigy but also a master of the Korean language. Jungwoo, overwhelmed with joy, couldn’t help but share the video on his Instagram Stories, accompanied by a caption that perfectly encapsulates the awe-inspiring moment: “Our hyung is even good at Korean..”

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Rajat Mehta

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