In an exciting collaboration, SEVENTEEN members Joshua and Vernon are teaming up with Apple Music to launch their very own radio show, “Summer Vacation with JOSHUA and VERNON of SEVENTEEN.” The show will be premiered on Apple Music 1 radio today, July 6, at 9 a.m.

With the arrival of summer, SEVENTEEN aims to spend special moments with their fans, known as Carats. Over the course of a month, starting from today, a total of four exclusive episodes will be released. Through these episodes, Joshua and Vernon will share their favorite songs, reminisce about unforgettable summer memories, and even answer questions from Carats.

Expressing his excitement, Joshua stated, “I’m thrilled to present ‘Summer Vacation with JOSHUA and VERNON of SEVENTEEN,’ and I can’t wait to connect with Carats. Through this Apple Music radio show, I hope to deliver positive energy to our fans.”

Vernon added his thoughts, saying, “I’m excited to co-host the Apple Music radio show with Joshua. Among the various episodes we’ll be sharing, the ‘Ice Cream & Summer Foods’ episode stands out as particularly enjoyable. We have high expectations for this radio show, and we hope you all have a great time with us.”

In the first episode, which is being released today, Joshua and Vernon will discuss their past travel experiences and share their dream vacation destinations. They will also treat listeners to a selection of summer-appropriate songs. Subsequent episodes will be released every Thursday at 9 a.m. on Apple Music radio, starting from July 13 to July 28.

Fans can look forward to an exciting and entertaining radio show that allows them to connect with Joshua, Vernon, and their favorite SEVENTEEN tracks. So tune in and join the boys for a memorable summer vacation on the airwaves!

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Rajat Mehta

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