Girl Group tripleS Adds Xinyu

In a stunning move that has fans buzzing, girl group tripleS has just unveiled their latest member, Xinyu, in a mind-blowing trailer video that took the internet by storm. It’s official—Xinyu has joined tripleS as not only their 15th member but also the sensational final addition to their subunit LOVElution. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

The YouTube video showcases Xinyu in all her glory as she introduces herself in Chinese, setting the stage for her upcoming role in LOVElution. The video, shrouded in darkness (we’re talking about lighting), highlights Xinyu’s stunning visuals that could make even the Mona Lisa jealous.

But wait, there’s more! Before her epic debut with tripleS, Xinyu already made a name for herself as Zhou Xinyu, a fierce contender on the popular girl group survival program “Girls Planet 999.” Although she didn’t snatch the crown, she left a lasting impression, captivating hearts until the 11th episode when she was eliminated, landing a respectable 22nd place.

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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