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Record of Ragnarok’s Season 2 has left fans on the edge of their seats with a thrilling fight between two powerful deities, Buddha and Zerofuku. As the gods and humanity continue their tournament to decide the fate of the world, this clash becomes a pivotal moment in the series.

In this episode, Buddha surprises everyone by choosing to fight alongside humanity, feeling compelled to protect them when other gods have turned a blind eye. This unexpected turn of events leads to the introduction of Zerofuku, the god of misfortune, who holds a deep grudge against Buddha for stealing humanity’s devotion from them. Zerofuku seeks revenge and engages in a battle against Buddha.

Unfortunately for Zerofuku, Buddha’s ability to foresee the future gives him a significant advantage. With ease, Buddha evades Zerofuku’s attacks and showcases his immense strength. Zerofuku realizes that Buddha’s popularity stems from his own desire to be like him. Recognizing this, Buddha disarms Zerofuku instead of killing them, offering encouragement and a chance to find their own path as a god.

However, just as a moment of hope arises, Zerofuku becomes possessed by Hajun, the god of the Sixth Heaven. Hajun, akin to Hades in Greek mythology, poses a serious threat to Buddha, whose foresight doesn’t work against this ancient and furious deity. A brutal battle ensues, resulting in Buddha losing his left eye but displaying unwavering resilience.

Despite the intense struggle, Buddha, being unique among gods and carrying the determination of his human origins, withstands Hajun’s onslaught. With a surprise move, Buddha seizes Zerofuku’s discarded sword and, together with Zerofuku’s assistance, defeats Hajun once and for all. The victory is celebrated, but the tally now stands at three wins and three losses for both sides.

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As the episode concludes, Hades, driven by a thirst for revenge, prepares to face off against the next champion of humanity. Meanwhile, Odin and Beelzebub confront each other in the shadows, hinting at further developments to come. Part 2 concludes by introducing a new champion, Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor to unify China, who will go up against Hades in the seventh round of the tournament.

With each battle escalating in intensity, Record of Ragnarok continues to captivate viewers with its mix of mythology, action, and unexpected twists. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the tournament proceeds, promising even more thrilling confrontations in the episodes to come.

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