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In a surprising turn of events, a leaked preview of Oshi no Ko chapter 124 has set fans abuzz with speculation about the potential union between Aqua and Ruby. While the chapter is scheduled for an official release on Thursday, July 20, at 12 am JST, a leaked preview has provided intriguing hints about the upcoming developments.

The previous chapter witnessed a long-awaited reunion between Gorou and Sarina after a span of 18 years. Amidst the emotional encounter, Ruby made a shocking revelation about her struggles, confessing that she had been hiding her true self in an attempt to emulate their mother, Ai. In response, Aqua candidly expressed his admiration for Sarina’s vibrant personality, even comparing her favorably to Ai. This exchange sparked Ruby’s recollection of Gorou’s promise to Sarina.

On July 10, an anonymous leaker on Twitter, known as @xDonutW, shared a tantalizing tidbit about Oshi no Ko chapter 124. According to the leaked preview from Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine, the much-dreaded relationship between Aqua and Ruby may indeed become a reality.

The preview states:

“Their previous life agreement becomes part of their current lives!?”

Building upon Ruby’s reminder of Gorou Amamiya’s promise to marry Sarina once she turned 16, and with Ruby herself already reaching the age of 18, she expresses her desire for Aqua to fulfill that promise by marrying her.

While fans are understandably apprehensive, the leaked preview strengthens the likelihood of Aqua honoring his past commitment to Ruby. This suggests that Oshi no Ko chapter 124 might witness Aqua’s agreement to marry Ruby.

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Adding to the anticipation, the upcoming chapter will feature a colored page. Notably, previous releases following the conclusion of the anime adaptation and the revelation of Aqua and Ruby’s past identities did not include any colored pages. This hints at the possibility of a significant event unfolding in the next chapter, lending further credence to the leaked preview.

Should a colored page be unveiled, it is highly probable that Aqua and Ruby, or even Gorou and Sarina, will take center stage. However, this potential development also poses the risk of a backlash against manga author Aka Akasaka.

Alternatively, some speculate that Aqua’s agreement to the marriage might be part of a larger scheme to seek vengeance for their mother, Ai Hoshino. This theory gains strength from the appearance of the enigmatic Crow Girl in the previous chapter. To uncover the truth, fans eagerly await the release of Oshi no Ko chapter 124.

As the Oshi no Ko saga continues to captivate readers with its intricate plot twists, the leaked preview has left fans anxiously awaiting the forthcoming chapter, where the fate of Aqua, Ruby, and their complex relationships will be unveiled.

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