Kizuna No Allele S2

Brace yourselves, anime lovers, because Kizuna No Allele is about to burst back onto your screens with a highly-anticipated second season! Japanese entertainment company ISABIRI INC. has just announced that this fan-favourite anime will make its triumphant return in October 2023, and the excitement is palpable. Get ready for a thrilling rollercoaster ride of virtual battles, heartwarming friendships, and dreams that reach for the stars!

To mark the announcement, a stunning new key visual has been unveiled which you can see above. The hype is real, folks!

In the upcoming season, the spotlight shines on the PathTLive crew, including the talented Miracle, Quan, Noelle, Cris, and Riz, as they prepare to engage in a heated battle at the esteemed Virtual Grid Awards. But that’s not all! Brace yourselves for the introduction of new players, as BRT5, VICONIC, and 3DM8 make their thrilling appearances, adding fresh dynamics to the already vibrant world of Kizuna No Allele.

Fans will be delighted to know that the beloved cast members are reprising their roles, breathing life into these captivating characters once again. Ayumi Hinohara, Rina Kawaguchi, Hikari Kodama, Yuka Nukui, Arisa Hanawa, Yuuri Matsuoka, Randhi, Haruka Yoshiki, Hina Natsume, Hinaki Yano, Nozomi Nagumo, Tsukino, Ruri Arai, Nao Furuhata, Yuna Kitahara, and even the iconic Kizuna Ai herself, voiced by none other than Kizuna Ai, are all back to deliver stellar performances that will keep you glued to your screens.

With Kenichiro Komaya at the helm as director, Deko Akao crafting the series composition, and Shiori Asaka, Niina Morita, and Mizuki Takahashi taking charge of character design and animation, you can expect nothing short of visual brilliance and captivating storytelling.

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For those who may be new to the Kizuna No Allele phenomenon, the story revolves around the unbreakable bonds between girls. Kizuna AI, a virtual sensation, skyrocketed to fame in the blink of an eye before disappearing just

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