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Jujutsu Kaisen fans, prepare yourselves for an emotional roller coaster in the upcoming episodes of the second season. Brace for impact because a heart-wrenching moment is set to leave viewers screaming at their screens, all thanks to a shocking cliffhanger in episode 3, according to a recent discussion on Reddit.

The conversation among fans of this beloved manga-turned-anime revolved around identifying the perfect gasp-inducing cliffhanger for season 2, episode 3. Two contenders emerged, both spine-tingling and tear-inducing: Riko being shot or the long-awaited return of the resurrected Gojo.

Although opinions were divided, many fans sided with the heartrending scene of Riko being shot, recognizing the emotional impact it would deliver. Just imagine this scenario: After Riko’s heartfelt monologue expressing her desire to spend more time with everyone, we witness Geto’s shocked reaction, followed by a devastating gunshot that strikes our young heroine. It’s a real “OUCH!” moment, both physically and emotionally. This sudden and tragic end to a life full of longing would undoubtedly leave fans gasping, their popcorn tumbling from their hands in disbelief.

The consensus on Reddit suggests that Riko’s unexpected demise would provide the most shocking twist, especially after a montage of her enjoying life to the fullest. Moreover, it would perfectly set the stage for the impending nightmare involving Gojo and Geto.

While we all understand that Riko is not just an ordinary child but someone who cherished life, her untimely end remains one of the least brutal yet most astonishing moments in the manga. Speculation indicates that episode 3 will cover chapters 70-72 from the manga, building up to the heart-stopping cliffhanger related to Riko.

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While some fans hope that episode 4 might explore the intense battles between Geto and Toji and Gojo and Toji once again, there is a strong call to end episode 3 with Gojo and Geto retrieving Riko’s lifeless body from the cult. It promises to be a powerful and impactful scene.

As we eagerly await the next episode, it’s crucial to prepare ourselves for the emotional turmoil that lies ahead. Keep your tissues handy and take a deep breath before hitting play because Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season is about to deliver a gut-punch of emotions. We’ll be right here, ready to collectively gasp, theorize, and share the experience with you.

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