Anime Abs

Lately, it seems like all the good men in anime have been blessed with a toned stomach. In this post, I am going to talk about 25 amazing anime characters that have chiseled abs. 

These are our favorite ab-tastic anime characters who love to show off their solid abs. We hope you enjoy it! 

25. Matrona

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins


Matrona is an anime superwoman. Her stature is taller than most humans. She has sharp, edgy abs that are almost impossible to ignore. Despite having a shredded physique, she has a decent feminine form. 

Matrona uses her muscularity to fight for humans in exchange for money. She doesn’t possess any mystical powers and relies on her innate strength and speed to fight.

Unlike other muscular characters, she is soft-hearted and has a good sense of judgment. Her mysterious nature makes it difficult for her to express feelings. She talks to the point and doesn’t indulge in small talks. 

24. Kagami Taiga

Anime: Kuroko no Basket

Kagami Taiga
Kagami Taiga

Taiga Kagami is one of the important character from Kuroko no Basket. Like you would have guessed, he is also a basketball player. 

Kagami is conscious of his physical strength. His goal is to become the number one basketball player in Japan. Kagami is well respected by everyone around.

Everyone believes him to be a great player and is called “The Miracle who did not become one of the Miracles”. Kagami is driven by challenges and loves to play against strong opponents. 

23. Garou

Anime: One Punch Man 2

Garou 1
Garou 1

Garou makes all other bad guys look small. He is a monster in a human form. His appearance is sharp and edgy. He has spiky hairs, buffed shoulders, and sleek six-pack abs.

Before he met Saitama, he wore a black robe with loose-fitted white martial arts pants on the bottom. But after Saitama kicks his a$$ he wrapped himself in white bandages and looked liked a buffed mummy. 

He is a fascinating antagonist to watch. The anime shows a deep contrast in his personality. Even though he wants to wipe out all the heroes and become the greatest villain of all time, he doesn’t want to hurt the innocent. 

22. Apachai Hopachai

Anime: History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi


In every other anime series, you find this muscly character with a child’s brain. Apachai Hopachai is no different. 

Apachai grew up surrounded by underground mafias and child traffickers. He was born a fighter. His combat skill overpowered all his opponents. In the early days of his training, Apachai never needed to unleash his full strength to take down opponents. 

He stands tall at the height of 6’6. His chest is covered with a white tank top so tight that his buffed chest and ripped abs pop out like they are about to explode. 

21. All Might

Anime: My Hero Academia

All Might
All Might

If your search for an anime character with abs demands something more than just physical structure, then you might want to see the greatest Hero of all time- All Might. 

Toshinori Yagi, known as All Might, is like a typical superhero you see in comic books. He is incredibly energeticextraordinarily muscular and has a tremendously vibrant personality. He always has a big smile on his face, flaunting his sparkling white teeth. 

He is an inspiration to the protagonist, Izuku. Only because of him, Izuku Midoriya wanted to become a Hero. His dreams come true when All Might announce him as the new heir of his powers. 

20. Sinbad

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 


Sinbad is one of the most popular characters in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. He has a very strong personality and an extremely confident demeanor.

And if that wasn’t enough to make him stand out, he also has a body of a Greek God with magnificent abs.

Throughout the series, Sinbad shows off his chest with his clothing often being tight on him. This leaves little to the imagination as we get a great view of his chest and abs on multiple occasions.

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19. Takamatsu

Anime: Angel Beats!


In Angel Beats!, Takamatsu is the only male with six-pack abs worth mentioning and he’s pretty darn fabulous. He’s a calm and polite guy who carries himself with strength and confidence and is never afraid to speak his mind.

Takamatsu has a number of reasons why I like him: one is because he’s confident in his body, which breaks the mold for typical Japanese society.

He also has nice hair. Lastly, he isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone or anything that gets in the way of what he wants or needs.

18. Aoi Todo

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen


Aoi Todo is a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is an expert fighter who specializes in jujutsu. In the anime, he’s a part of a group of fighters who goes against monsters. He spends a lot of time shirtless and his abs are on full display.

I like him for a few reasons: first, he’s got a fun personality. Secondly, he’s confident, smart, and dedicated to what he believes in. And lastly, Aoi has an amazing six-pack!

17. Bulat

Anime: Akame ga Kill!


Bulat is a very skilled warrior. He is one of the most powerful fighters in the series and he has an impressively lean body. Bulat has stunning abs.

He has impressive skills with all types of weapons and he was able to battle against Akame, who many consider being the strongest warrior in Akame ga Kill!

Bulat’s fighting style may seem like it would require a ton of stamina but as you can see from his slim build, Bulat doesn’t have any problem with endurance or stamina at all. In fact,

Bulat’s fighting skills are so strong that he was able to take on multiple opponents simultaneously despite being outnumbered!

16. Asta

Anime: Black Clover


Asta is an orphan who is raised in an orphanage. He has a lot of trouble with social interaction, but he does have one thing going for him: he is passionate.

Plus, his abs are pretty great.

The Black Clover manga states that Asta’s magic is “inherently destructive” and is also the only one in his village to be born with this type of magic. He works really hard and always trains to himself better which also reflects on his body.

15. Rider

Anime: Fate/Zero


Rider is tasked with maintaining the balance between good and evil. His job entails more than just helping to maintain the balance. He also has to hunt down and kill all those who have been corrupted by their desires and seek power.

He has a strong built and can scare the mightiest. One of the main reasons why Rider’s abs are one of our favorites is because they are so well-defined.

They show off his muscular physique without looking too bulky or over-exaggerated. His stomach looks like it could be carved out of stone. His abs look in contrast to his skin tone, which gives them even more depth. 

14. Ippo Makunouchi

Anime: Hajime no Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi
Ippo Makunouchi

Ippo is a professional boxer who loves to work on his abs. He’s been training hard for years to have a great body, and he definitely deserves praise for that.

In Hajime no Ippo, Ippo starts out as a weak, scrawny boy who gets picked on by everyone. But through hard work, dedication, and sheer determination, he becomes one of the best boxers in Japan.

In his spare time, he also likes to make sure he doesn’t lose what he’s worked so hard for: by going to the gym and doing some lightweight training! His dedication is obvious from the start of the series. 

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13. Mikasa

Anime: Attack on Titans


Mikasa is a pretty badass female character and one of the stars of the popular anime series Attack on Titan. This show is about how humans are relentlessly attacked by giant monsters called Titans, but that doesn’t stop Mikasa from kicking some serious ass.

Although she’s not your typical “pretty” girl, Mikasa has some seriously great abs and she loves to show them off. 

One of the most interesting aspects of her character is that she’s taller and stronger than most other female characters. She’s like a superhero who takes care of herself and doesn’t feel insecure about it. I love Mikasa’s confidence!

12. Killer B

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Killer B
Killer B

Like many of the characters on this list, Killer B is known for his ability to fight. He’s got a toned physique, and he loves to show off his abs.

One of the reasons why Killer B is so popular is because he’s easy to relate to. He’s not perfect; in fact, he can be reckless and cocky at times. However, over the course of the series, he learns how important teamwork is and how relying on others can make him stronger.

Killer B also has a great sense of humor that appeals to anime fans. 

11. Eikichi Onizuka

Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka
Eikichi Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka is the perfect representation of a bad boy with a good, solid heart.

He’s tough and kind all at once and he’ll do anything for those who are close to him. He’s also got the abs of an Olympic athlete.

While his physical appearance isn’t as important as his skills as an educator, it certainly helps that he’s attractive and fit!

The anime series Great Teacher Onizuka follows Eikichi, who has a lot of charisma and lives by his own set of rules. He may not be conventional but he knows how to make learning fun for himself and others!

10. Joseph Joestar

Anime: Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure


The star of this anime is a 15-year-old boy who comes from a family of great fighters. He grows up to be an excellent fighter himself and sets off on an adventure that includes fighting an army of zombies and vampires.

Joseph is also known for having some pretty amazing abs, which he often shows off when he’s shirtless. And I can say with confidence that Joseph has inspired other manga artists to make their characters more aesthetic.

9. Guts

Anime: Berserk


This is a personal favorite of mine. Guts, the main character in the anime Berserk, has always had an amazing six-pack. He’s also one of the most badass anime characters out there.

I love his attitude and all that he stands for, plus he has a killer attitude! Guts is living proof that you don’t have to be perfect to be perfect.

It’s hard not to admire his dedication to fitness—even when he’s losing himself in battle with tough competitors.

8. Laxus Dreyar

Anime: Fairy Tail


Laxus is a member of the Fairy Tail guild and a Lightning Dragon Slayer. One of the most popular anime characters with abs, Laxus is also one of the more mysterious ones.

He’s egocentric and condescending towards others, which makes it difficult to get close to him and see his true personality.

Despite this, he’s ranked as one of the strongest members of the Fairy Tail guild and possesses great magic abilities that surpass his rank. When it comes down to fighting other mages, he’s one of the best.

7. Killua Zoldyck

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck

This particular protagonist is a strong and intelligent individual, but he also has an adorable face and great abs.

Killua’s most notable quality is his love of fighting and training. He spends all of his free time refining his skill as a hunter, which includes extreme physical activity like running, swimming, and training with weights. These rigorous activities make for a killer six-pack!

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I can’t forget to mention that he’s also a cunning fighter, which means the other hunters on the show don’t stand a chance. The more you know!

6. Inosuke Hashibira

Anime: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of my favorite characters on this list. Inosuke is a short-tempered young man who likes to challenge strong people and considers himself the strongest fighter.

He wears a boar head on top of his own when fighting which makes him quite unique. Also, he is seen shirtless, most of the time and it goes without saying that his abs are pretty good too!

5. Alex Louis Armstrong

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


Don’t get fooled by the commander’s uniform. Underneath his sophisticated uniform, he hides his toned abs, hulky chest, and broad muscled shoulders. We rarely get to see his buffed version, as he usually keeps his military dress on. 

Although there is no reference in the anime about his ethnicity, Alex seems to have his roots in the west. He is in his early 40’s and is almost bald. His powers, endurance, and speed are nearly at a superhuman level. 

He serves as an officer in the Amestrian State Military. He behaves like a rock-hearted commander but is a soft crybaby from the inside. 

4. Goku Son

Anime: Dragon Ball

Goku SON
Goku SON

I could declare you an alien if you don’t know about the great warrior- Goku. 

Goku Kakarot is the main hero from the legendary Dragon Ball Z series. He is one of the most influential anime characters that ever existed. 

Goku’s is an impossible powerhouse. He possesses incredible strength that has no limits. 

There has been a never-ending discussion regarding the Dragon Ball Series male not having full abs. However, knowing these heroes’ powers, it is almost hard not to include them in any list that glorifies physical strength. 

3. Kenpachi Zaraki

Anime: Bleach

Kenpachi ZARAKI
Kenpachi ZARAKI

One of the most famous characters in Bleach is Kenpachi Zaraki. There are many reasons why he’s so beloved. Still, one of the most exciting things about him is his intriguing role in the storyline.

He is a powerful character who has fought and defeated some of the most vigorous opponents in Bleach history. 

He also has one of the most violent fighting styles in the series. He doesn’t seem to care if he lives or dies, which makes him an even more interesting character to watch develop throughout this series.

2. Maki Oze

Anime: Fire Force

Maki OZE
Maki OZE

At first glance, Maki looks like a graceful girl with a delicate nature and soft skin. Once she reveals her proper form, it is challenging to say if she is the same person. 

She is usually seen wearing her bunker gear which consists of a long orange robe which she keeps folded from the upper half of the body. Beneath it, she wears a half-sleeved black dank top. 

Maki has one of the rarest body types among anime girls. She is curvy but, at the same time, looks muscular and robust. Her combat skills are on a different level. The shredded, muscular cuts on her body are evidence of her athletic mastery

1. Zoro Roronoa

Anime: One Piece


The role of Zoro Roronoa in One Piece is one of the most complicated, if not the most complex. 

Zoro was first introduced as a pirate hunter who joined Luffy’s pirate crew and became a pirate. He has a seemingly cold demeanour, but deep down, he is a loyal friend that will fight for those he cares about. 

Zoro is also one of the strongest characters in One Piece, with only Luffy, Sabo, and Jinbe having stronger known power levels. There are many instances where Zoro saves his crewmates by fighting off enemies that are stronger than them.

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