The Tragic Fate of Jeremiah Miller

Jeremiah Miller’s life took a dark turn in 2002 when he met Scott Dozier at the La Concha motel on the Las Vegas Strip. Miller, with intentions of purchasing ephedrine for meth production, became an unsuspecting victim in a larger narrative of crime and deception.

Miller had brought $12,000 in cash for the ephedrine purchase, a key ingredient in meth production. However, instead of a straightforward transaction, Dozier, driven by greed or malice, murdered Miller. In a gruesome act, he dismembered Miller’s body, placing most of the remains in a suitcase which was later discovered near a Las Vegas apartment complex. Tragically, Miller’s head and arms have never been found. The motive behind this heinous act? The $12,000, which Dozier allegedly stole and later claimed to have won at a casino.

Scott Dozier: The Man Responsible

Scott Dozier and jeremiah Miller

48-year-old Scott Dozier, a native of Boulder City, Nevada, had a history steeped in crime. By his mid-20s, he was deeply involved in the methamphetamine trade across Nevada and Arizona. But it was his encounter with Miller that would become one of the most notorious chapters of his criminal life. Beyond Miller, Dozier was also linked to the murder of Jasen ‘Griffin’ Greene in 2001, further cementing his reputation as a dangerous individual.

Seeking Justice for Miller

During his trial, Dozier faced accusations and evidence linking him to Miller’s murder. Witnesses came forward, with one even claiming to have seen Miller’s decapitated body in Dozier’s hotel room. Despite the mounting evidence, Dozier was handed a 22-year sentence for Greene’s murder first. It was only in 2007 that he received a death sentence for Miller’s murder, a decision upheld by the Nevada Supreme Court in 2012. As the years passed and his execution date approached, Dozier took his own life in prison, leaving behind many unanswered questions about that fateful night at La Concha motel.

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