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In the upcoming chapter of the supernatural romantic comedy, “Yofukashi no Uta,” better known as Call of the Night, tensions rise as Usuigu Anko steps between Nazuna and Yamori. With Nazuna’s recent decision to sever ties and end the ongoing complications with Yamori, Anko feels it might be too late for any resolution. Anko’s advice to Yamori, who has a mere nine months to decide his vampiric fate, adds another layer of intrigue. Will he choose the immortal life or remain human?

The Clock Ticks for Yamori: To Be or Not to Be a Vampire?

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Their relationship is anything but ordinary. Beginning with Yamori’s nocturnal escapades, he found himself drawn to the quirky yet endearing Nazuna, undeterred by her vampiric nature. Over a span of three months, their bond deepened, with Yamori even daydreaming about joining the world of the undead. However, Nazuna’s reservations about this transformation hint at a brewing storm.

A Supernatural Date: Anko and Yamori’s Theme Park Adventure

In the previous chapter, the vampire detective Anko took Yamori on an unexpected date to a theme park. Their day was filled with playful banter, rides, and candid moments. Anko’s attempt to recreate Yamori’s school uniform fantasy, despite only him donning the attire, added a touch of humor. Yet, amidst the fun, Anko’s reminder about the narrowing window for Yamori’s potential transformation into a vampire casts a shadow over their outing.

Release Details: When and Where to Catch the Next Chapter

For fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter, “Yofukashi no Uta Chapter 183” is set to release on Friday, 18 August 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. Whether you’re in India, Japan, Korea, the USA, the UK, the Philippines, or Australia, we’ve got the timings sorted for you. And for those wondering where to catch this anticipated chapter, Sunday Webry is the place to be.

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A Manga’s Rise to Stardom

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“Yofukashi no Uta” has garnered significant attention, especially after its anime adaptation. The unique dynamic between the introverted Yamori and the lively Nazuna offers a blend of humor and heart, making it a must-read for manga enthusiasts.

Closing Remark:

With love triangles, supernatural elements, and a dash of humor, “Yofukashi no Uta” continues to captivate its readers. As Yamori’s decision looms, one can’t help but wonder: will he take the leap into the world of vampires, or will love guide him elsewhere? Only time (and the next chapter) will tell!

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