Trash Of The Counts Family Chapter 101

Kim Roksu’s mundane life as a Korean office worker took a dramatic turn when he found himself reincarnated in a fantasy world. This wasn’t just any world; it was the setting of a novel he had read. Now, as Cale Henituse, the villainous eldest son of a wealthy count family, he’s determined to change his fate.

Cale Henituse: A Villain’s Quest for a Peaceful Life

Cale’s original character in “Birth of a Hero” was destined for a tragic end, but with Kim Roksu’s knowledge of the plot, he’s on a mission to secure a quiet and safe life. This involves monopolizing the hero’s resources and navigating the complex world around him.

From discovering his butler is a cold-blooded assassin to realizing some of his maids are powerful mages, Cale’s journey is anything but simple. His first major task? Stealing the heart of a dragon.

Chapter 100 Recap: Allies and Architectural Wonders

Trash Of The Counts Family Chapter 100

Cale’s recent adventures led him to Mueller, a potential ally from a lineage of renowned architects responsible for structures like the Magic Towers. With Mueller’s potential support in the future, Cale’s prospects look promising.

Chapter 101 Release: Global Timings

For those marking their calendars, here’s when you can dive into Chapter 101:

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
India06:00 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Central Europe02:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
New York08:30 AMFriday, September 8, 2023
Australia10:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Singapore08:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Philippines08:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Los Angeles05:30 AMFriday, September 8, 2023
London01:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Dubai04:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Moscow03:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023
Tokyo9:30 PMFriday, September 8, 2023

Where to read?

“Trash Of The Count’s Family” is available on platforms like BiliBili Comics, Lalatoom, Pocket Comics, and TappyToon. For those eager to get an early glimpse, the Raw Scan of Chapter 101 will be available on KakaoPage around September 6.

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Closing Thought: Kim Roksu’s transformation into Cale Henituse offers a fresh perspective on the isekai genre. As he navigates challenges, forms alliances, and seeks a peaceful life, readers are in for a blend of humor, drama, and fantasy. Stay tuned for more twists and turns in Cale’s journey!

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