The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady Chapter 100

The tale unfolds as Estelle, a valiant knight from the Kingdom of Ersha, meets her untimely end at the hands of her trusted subordinate, Khalid. However, fate has other plans. Estelle is reborn as Lucifela Aydin, a noble lady in the Empire of Jansgar, betrothed to Zedekiah Heint. As Lucifela, she discovers the aftermath of the war and her country’s defeat, setting her on a path of revenge and self-discovery.

Lucifela and Eozif: A Tense Exchange of Wits and Wills

The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady Chapter 99

Chapter 99 delves into a riveting conversation between Lucifela and Eozif. Eozif’s attempts to sway Lucifela with promises of power and revenge are met with her unwavering resolve. Their exchange touches on themes of loyalty, identity, and the weight of one’s past. Eozif’s knowledge of Lucifela’s true identity and her connection to the escaped Balder Hausen adds layers of intrigue and suspense.

The Intricacies of War and Love: Lucifela’s Dual Battle

Lucifela’s journey is not just about revenge. It’s also a tale of love and understanding. Her interactions with Jederkaire Heint reveal the complexities of their relationship. As she navigates the challenges of her new life, Lucifela grapples with her feelings for Jederkaire and the realities of war, challenging Eozif’s perceptions and asserting her identity as both a knight and a lady.

Release Schedule: The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady Chapter 100

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
Korea [KST]October 2, 2023Midnight
Japan [JST]October 2, 2023Midnight
India [IST]October 1, 20238:30 PM
Pacific TimeOctober 1, 20238:00 AM
Central Europe [CET]October 1, 20235:00 PM
Singapore [SST]October 1, 202311:00 PM
Philippines [PST]October 1, 202311:00 PM
Eastern Indonesia TimeOctober 2, 202310:00 AM
Australia [ACT Time]October 2, 20231:00 PM

Where to Read

For those eager to continue the journey, Chapter 100 of “The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady” is available on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon in Korean. English enthusiasts can find translations on Webtoon and Tappytoon.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“The Way That Knight Lives As A Lady” masterfully weaves a tale of reincarnation, revenge, love, and identity. As Lucifela’s story unfolds, readers are drawn into a world where the lines between knight and noble blur, and the heart’s true desires come to the fore. Chapter 100 promises to be another captivating installment in this mesmerizing saga.

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