The Max Level Hero has Returned Chapter 140

In the upcoming Chapter 140 of “The Max Level Hero has Returned!”, Yuria drops a bombshell: she’s renouncing the world tree and all its age-old customs. This seismic shift has fans buzzing with one burning question: will this lead to an all-out war?

Yuria’s Awakening

Upon regaining consciousness, Yuria finds herself in the company of Millia and Verdith. A quick glance around reveals she’s in a forest, but not just any forest. This one’s alive and thriving, thanks to a certain human she brought along. Overwhelmed with emotion, Yuria can’t help but shed tears of joy.

Davey’s Role

Davey, always the center of attention, finds himself in a tense situation with Noas, who’s unleashing his full power. Yuria’s visit surprises him, but he’s quick to share some crucial information: while Noas managed to neutralize the rebound, Yuria won’t be summoning spirits anytime soon. But Yuria’s concerns lie elsewhere: how can she ever repay Davey for his invaluable help?

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

Elder Kondae’s Controversy

The chapter takes a dramatic turn with Elder Kondae’s impending punishment. Despite concrete evidence against him, including a damning recording, Kondae vehemently denies all allegations. He’s accused of accelerating the forest’s infection and abandoning a vulnerable child. But in a twist, he shifts the blame to Yuria, accusing her of defying the world tree.

Chapter 140: Release Timings

For those eagerly waiting, “The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 140” is set to release on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Here’s a quick timezone breakdown for international fans:

Time ZoneTimeDate
US Eastern Standard Time07:00 AMAugust 23, 2023
Canada Newfoundland Time07:00 AMAugust 23, 2023
Indian Standard Time04:30 PMAugust 23, 2023
Australia Eastern Standard Time09:00 PMAugust 23, 2023
Philippines Standard Time07:00 PMAugust 23, 2023
Japanese Standard Time08:00 PMAugust 23, 2023
South Korean Standard Time08:00 PMAugust 23, 2023

Where to Read

Eager to dive into the chapter? English translations will be available on Tapas. For those seeking the raw version, head over to KakaoPage.

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