Super God System Chapter 82

In the dystopian world of “Super God System,” set in the Earth Period year 2666, humanity faces extinction due to a wave of wild beasts. Amidst this chaos, a seemingly weak warrior with an indomitable spirit emerges, embarking on a quest to change his destiny and etch his name in history.

Jae Joon: A Rising Star with Hidden Depths

Chapter 81 introduced us to the class representative, Jae Joon, whose entrance was nothing short of spectacular. While his appearance garnered mixed reactions, his martial prowess was undeniable. Showcasing techniques like the Wolf Fist and Burst Shatter Fist, he not only demonstrated his golden martial arts technique but also used his power to belittle his adversaries.

Yet, the chapter took an unexpected turn when Jae Joon absorbed an external energy attack, earning him a whopping 1000 experience points. But as tensions escalated, the intervention of a teacher was necessary to restore order.

Mysteries and Motivations: The Underlying Conflicts

Super God System Chapter 81 recap

Whispers in the background reveal Jae Joon’s impressive achievement of reaching level 21, surpassing even Zhou Qi Xing. This revelation hints at a potential quest for a unique card.

The demand for martial arts skills is evident, with Jae Joon aiming to master techniques like the “Wind God Kick,” “Lightning Burst Shatter Fist,” and “Galaxy Nine Heavens” before the freshman tournament. His determination to earn money is palpable

Lin Xiu: A Warrior with a Past

Lin Xiu’s past is shrouded in mystery, and a recent phone call only adds to the intrigue. Despite living in different worlds, Lin Xiu’s bond with Luo Yue is evident.

Threats and ultimatums suggest hidden agendas aimed at keeping the duo apart. But Lin Xiu remains steadfast, defending his bond with Luo Yue and gearing up for the upcoming freshmen competition.

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Chapter 82 Release: Global Timings

For enthusiasts marking their calendars, here’s the release schedule for Chapter 82:

Region/CountryTime ZoneRelease Time & Date
JapanJST11:00 PM, Sunday, 17 September 2023
Central EuropeCET4:00 PM, Sunday, 17 September 2023
AustraliaACTMidnight, Monday, 18 September 2023
IndiaIST07:30 PM, Sunday, 17 September 2023
Pacific TimePST8:00 AM, Sunday, 17 September 2023
New York10:00 AM, Sunday, 17 September 2023
KoreaKST11:00 PM, Sunday, 17 September 2023

Where to Read

Eager fans can immerse themselves in Chapter 82 of “Super God System” on Tapas. For those looking to catch up or revisit previous chapters, Tapas remains the platform of choice.

Closing Thought: “Super God System” masterfully blends action, drama, and political intrigue. As the narrative unfolds, readers are set for a roller-coaster of emotions, power plays, and intense battles. With every chapter, the stakes get higher, and the lines between friend and foe blur. Stay tuned for more twists and turns!

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