Quest Supremacy Chapter 105

In the upcoming “Quest Supremacy Chapter 105”, the manga series takes a thrilling turn as Kim Soohung, Yang Gukja, and Gu Hajun embark on ascension quests. These quests, known to amplify strength, come as a response to fans’ fervent requests.

Their voices, echoing through various social media channels, have been heard, and the author is set to deliver a chapter where the main character, Kim Soohung, showcases newfound might.

A Battle of Wills: Kim Soohung’s Standoff

Quest Supremacy Chapter 104 recap

Chapter 104 sets the stage with Kim Soohung, ready for action. Despite Cheonhak’s exhaustion from previous battles, Kim assures him of his support. The chapter is a whirlwind of action, with Kim taking on the men of Western Gangbuk High.

But the real challenge emerges in the form of Im Taekyung, one of the manga’s five greats. With hostages in play and reinforcements on the horizon, the stakes have never been higher.

Allies in Unexpected Places: Yang Cheonhak’s Sacrifice

Amidst the chaos, Yang Cheonhak steps in, offering Kim a way out. Urging Kim to ensure Soha’s safety, Yang takes on Im Taekyung. Their battle is fierce, with Im Taekyung emerging victorious. Yet, the chapter reveals a deeper layer to Yang Chechak’s character, showcasing his genuine concern for Soha.

Release Schedule: Quest Supremacy Chapter 105

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
South KoreaSeptember 25, 202310:00 PM KST
JapanSeptember 25, 202310:00 PM JST
PhilippinesSeptember 25, 202309:00 PM PHT
AustraliaSeptember 25, 202311:00 PM AEST
IndiaSeptember 25, 202306:30 PM IST
CanadaSeptember 25, 202309:00 AM NT
U.S.ASeptember 25, 202309:00 AM EST

Where to Read:

For the original raw version, readers can turn to Naver Webtoon. Those seeking the English translation can eagerly await its release on Webtoon.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“Quest Supremacy” continues to enthrall its audience with a mix of action, fantasy, and deep character development. As Chapter 105 approaches, fans can expect a blend of intense battles, emotional depth, and revelations that will shape the course of the narrative. The journey of Kim Soohung and his allies is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the bonds that tie us together.

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