Overgeared Chapter 192 A Battle of Power and Wits

In the world of “Overgeared,” battles are more than just physical confrontations; they’re a dance of strategy, power, and history. The previous chapter left readers on the edge of their seats as Grid faced off against the formidable Viscount Vampire, Tiramet. The question on everyone’s mind: How will Grid tackle this seemingly insurmountable challenge?

Yura’s Struggle: A Slayer’s Dilemma

  • Facing the Vampire Viscount– Yura, a devil slayer ranked at 247, found herself up against Tiramet, a level 366 viscount vampire. The power difference was evident, with Tiramet boasting a strength surpassing even a baron-rank vampire. Yura’s realization? She’s up against a boss that would challenge even a team of five.

  • A Blast from the Past– Tiramet’s interactions hinted at a dark history with a previous slayer, a scar on his forehead serving as a constant reminder. Yura’s attempts to harm Tiramet seemed futile given their level gap, but she wasn’t one to back down. Her strategy? Sacrifice some health points, use a stone shield, and reposition.

  • Grid’s Entrance: The Game Changer– Just when things seemed bleak, Grid stepped in, reminding Yura of the importance of strategy and listening. With Tiramet’s use of Pagma’s sword dance and blood magic, the stakes were high. But Grid, ever the strategist, was prepared.

Overgeared 192

Release Details

Fans, mark your calendars! “Overgeared Chapter 192” is set to release on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST. For our international readers, here’s a handy time conversion:

Time ZoneDateTime
Pacific Daylight Time [PDT]August 16, 202308:00 AM PDT
Central Daylight Time [CDT]August 16, 202310:00 AM CDT
Eastern Daylight Time [EDT]August 16, 202311:00 AM EDT
Indian Standard Time [IST]August 16, 202308:30 PM IST
Singapore Standard Time [SGT]August 16, 202311:00 PM SGT
Philippines Standard Time [PST]August 16, 202311:00 PM PST
Japanese Standard Time [JST]August 17, 202312:00 AM JST
Australia Eastern Daylight Time [AEDT]August 17, 202302:00 AM AEDT

Where to Read

Eager to delve into the next chapter? “Overgeared Chapter 192” will be available in English on Tapas. For those seeking the raw version, head over to KakaoPage.

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In Conclusion

As the world of “Overgeared” continues to unfold, the battles intensify, alliances are tested, and strategies evolve. Chapter 192 promises to be a rollercoaster, and fans worldwide are gearing up for the next installment.

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