Atomic Samurai and King

Get ready, fans, because One Punch Man Chapter 189 is shaping up to be an action-packed chapter that will put the spotlight on both Atomic Samurai and the enigmatic S-class hero, King. Known for his deceptive facade, King has managed to keep his true abilities a secret from everyone, except for our favorite bald hero, Saitama.

King’s aura of tension, whenever he appears on screen, has won the hearts of fans worldwide, and this chapter promises to delve into his mysterious strength. For those eager to get a sneak peek, you can turn to Chapter 109 of the webcomic by ONE.

A Sushi Encounter Sets the Stage

In the previous manga chapter, we saw Atomic Samurai and his disciples enjoying some sushi at a restaurant. It’s during this casual encounter that Atomic Samurai decides to challenge King to a duel, wanting to test his strength firsthand. Suspicious of King’s prowess, Atomic Samurai confesses that he’s never seen the hero in action before.

A Duel of Fates

Chapter 189 will see Atomic Samurai insisting on the duel, despite the concerns of his disciples who fear for their master’s well-being. King, known as the strongest man on the planet, reluctantly agrees to the showdown, hiding his fear behind a veil of feints and bluffs.

A Masterful Bluff

As the duel unfolds, King’s trembling body initially fools the disciples into thinking he’s vulnerable. But soon, they realize that his fear is a clever ruse, meant to confuse and outwit his opponent. King concocts the infamous “Dolzenabring Reaction” to perplex Atomic Samurai and his disciples, throwing them off-guard.

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A Slice of Deception

But the ultimate test comes when Atomic Samurai challenges King to cut an apple with his sword. Despite King’s efforts, he can barely hold the sword, let alone slice the fruit. The clever deception leaves Atomic Samurai convinced that King’s attack was on a cellular level, preventing the apple from being sliced into pieces.

The Humbling Truth

Atomic Samurai, convinced of his defeat, acknowledges King’s superior technique, believing he has surpassed even the famed Atomic Slash. Feeling humiliated, he calls off the fight, realizing that it’s not the time to test their comrades. With King walking away unscathed once more, the mystery of his true abilities remains intact.

The Anticipation Builds

As the chapter progresses, fans will undoubtedly be glued to their screens, eagerly awaiting the next twist and turn in this intriguing tale. One Punch Man Chapter 189 is set to be a must-read, filled with surprises, action, and the unique charm that keeps fans hooked to this beloved series.

So, stay tuned as the journey continues in the world of One Punch Man, where heroes and villains collide in epic battles, and the unexpected awaits at every turn.

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