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Dive into ‘Murim Login’, a harmonious blend of genres, from thrilling action and captivating adventure to light-hearted comedy, intense drama, and imaginative fantasy. The magic behind this tale? Zerobic’s compelling storytelling paired with Jang Cheol-Byuk’s evocative illustrations.

The Protagonist’s Tale: Jin Tae-Kyung

Murim Login Chapter 165 recap
  • A Twist of Fate: Our unassuming hunter, Tae-Kyung, stumbles upon a VR device, catapulting him into a martial arts-centric game. This world tests him, challenges him, and ultimately transforms him.

  • Reality Beckons: Emerging from the game, Tae-Kyung is a changed man, equipped with newfound skills and torn between two worlds.

  • Heartstrings of the Virtual: The bonds formed within the game, especially with its NPCs, are profound and unyielding, pulling Tae-Kyung in two directions.

Upcoming Release: Chapter 166

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter? Here’s when you can immerse yourself:

US & CanadaAugust 23, 2023, Wednesday07:00 AM
IndiaAugust 23, 2023, Wednesday04:30 PM
AustraliaAugust 23, 2023, Wednesday09:00 PM
PhilippinesAugust 23, 2023, Wednesday07:00 PM
Japan & S. KoreaAugust 23, 2023, Wednesday08:00 PM

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The next chapter is set to grace KakaoPage. As Tae-Kyung’s saga continues, one can’t help but wonder: Where does his heart truly lie?

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