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In the world of “Marriage of Convenience,” emotions run high and unexpected turns are the norm. The recent chapter brought us closer to the climax, with Bianca’s dramatic childbirth. The baby boy, sporting hair reminiscent of Zachary’s, was a beacon of joy.

But life has its ways of balancing joy with sorrow, as Bianca’s life hung in the balance post-childbirth. However, destiny had other plans. A miraculous intervention by the guides resurrected her, ensuring she’d be with her family.

What Lies Ahead: Chapter 95 Insights

While spoilers for the upcoming chapter are scarce, the novel provides some intriguing hints. Bianca’s daughter, a spirited tomboy, seems destined to follow her father’s knightly path.

A romantic subplot is also hinted at, involving Prince Gauthier’s grandson and Bianca’s daughter, Alexandra (fondly nicknamed Alec). The birth itself was a spectacle, with celestial signs marking the event. Alexandra’s future as a knight, surpassing even her father, is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Marriage of Convenience

Release Date

Eager to dive into the next chapter? “Marriage of Convenience Chapter 95” is set to release on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, KST. For international readers, here’s a handy list of release times:

Time ZoneDateTime
Indian Standard Time (IST)Tuesday, August 15, 202308:30 PM
Central European Time (CEST)Tuesday, August 15, 202305:00 PM
New YorkTuesday, August 15, 202311:00 AM
Pacific Time (PST)Tuesday, August 15, 202308:00 AM
Eastern European Time (EEST)Tuesday, August 15, 202306:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PHT)Tuesday, August 15, 202311:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SST)Tuesday, August 15, 202311:00 PM
Japanese standard time (JST)Wednesday, August 16, 202312:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)Wednesday, August 16, 202301:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST)Wednesday, August 16, 202312:00 AM
Korean standard time (KST)Wednesday, August 16, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read

For those fluent in Korean, “Marriage of Convenience Chapter 95” will be available on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon. English readers can find translated chapters on Tapas, though they’re currently up to Chapter 75.

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