Im Really Not The Demon Gods Lackey Chapter 95 Moons New Mission

In the latest chapter of “I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey,” we witness some significant developments as Lady Ji embarks on her mission after a heartfelt discussion with Lin. Lin, oblivious to the impact of his actions, has unknowingly shaken the world around him. Meanwhile, Moon the Protector takes on the task of safeguarding an emblem on Lin’s orders. Let’s delve into the details of the upcoming Chapter 95 to uncover more!

Recap of Chapter 94: A Revelation and Lin’s Reflection

In Chapter 94, we find ourselves at Andrew’s mansion in area B45. Reiss, the head maid, rushes in to report a new situation from the council of truth to Andrew.

It appears that Andrew’s orders have caught the attention of the wisdom group, a notorious bunch known for stealing knowledge from others and taking an interest in the Bookstore. Andrew is taken aback by the news and advises Reiss not to get involved. The two share a tender moment before parting ways.

Back at the Bookstore, Lin ponders over the rose he lent Lady Ji and its origin from Lady Taurius. His thoughts wander to Lady Ji’s behavior towards him, leaving him wondering if she has feelings for him.

Lin’s mind races with anxiety about how he’ll apologize to Lady Taurius, but uncertainty clouds his judgment. As he examines the rose’s location, he discovers Father Vincent’s emblem, sparking his curiosity.

Moon’s Punishment and a Mysterious Box

As Lin contemplates a suitable place for the emblem, he encounters Moon playing with a box given to her by Lady Ji. Lin approaches her with a mischievous grin, playfully scaring her about a past mistake.

However, instead of a harsh punishment, Lin places the emblem in the box and assigns Moon the task of protecting it. Delighted with her “punishment,” Moon readily accepts the responsibility. Lin decides to close the store and allows Moon to rest before the arrival of people from Ash market, who will provide her with a new identity.

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Im Really Not The Demon Gods Lackey Chapter 95 Moons New Mission 2

Moon’s Dream and a Potential Power-up in Chapter 95

Chapter 95 holds the promise of a well-deserved power-up for Moon. As she tries to understand the sigils on the mysterious box, she may experience a dream for the first time. This dream leads her to encounter one of the two primordial witches, opening up new possibilities and potential revelations.

Chapter 95 Release Date

Fans can look forward to “I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey” Chapter 95, set to release on Wednesday, August 09, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. For readers around the world, the time conversions are as follows:

Time ZoneDateTime
Japanese Standard Time (JST)Wednesday, August 09, 202312:00 AM
Indian Standard Time (IST)Tuesday, August 08, 20238:30 PM
Central European Time (CEST)Tuesday, August 08, 202305:00 PM
New York (Eastern Time, EDT)Tuesday, August 08, 202311:00 AM
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)Wednesday, August 09, 202312:30 AM
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST)Wednesday, August 09, 202312:00 AM
Singapore Standard Time (SST)Tuesday, August 08, 202311:00 PM
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)Tuesday, August 08, 202308:00 AM
Eastern European Time (EET)Tuesday, August 08, 202306:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PST)Tuesday, August 08, 202311:00 PM
Korean Standard Time (KST)Wednesday, August 09, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read

For English readers, the chapter will be available on Bilibili Comics, while Chinese readers can access it on Bilibili Manga.

As the story unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey of Moon and the unfolding mysteries that lie ahead. Stay tuned for Chapter 95’s release to discover more about our intriguing characters and their adventures!

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