How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 89

Rubi’s life is entangled in a web of familial ties and past memories. Her relationship with her brother, Cesarine, is at the heart of the drama. Cesarine’s overprotectiveness, stemming from an extreme sister complex, is both a boon and a bane. While his intentions might seem noble, his actions, especially towards Rubi’s husband, Iske, hint at underlying tensions.

A Festival of Secrets

Rubi’s decision to follow her brother to a festival unveils a series of unsettling revelations. She discovers she’s been under surveillance for an extended period, with spies aiming to disrupt the kingdom’s peace. Armed with the knowledge of the novel’s events, Rubi is determined to change her fate. Yet, her attempts to shield her brother from the truth backfire, leading Cesarine to question Iske’s intentions.

Navigating Troubled Waters

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Rubi’s predicament deepens as she grapples with her brother’s suspicions. Cesarine’s primary concern? Whether Iske has harmed Rubi. Despite the baselessness of this claim, Rubi’s denial might only stoke Cesarine’s doubts. The challenge for Rubi is to strike a balance, ensuring her brother understands the platonic nature of her relationship with Iske.

Release Schedule: How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 89

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South KoreaThursday, September 20, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read?

For those keen to dive into the narrative, “How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 89” will be available in its raw form on Kakao Page. English readers can anticipate official translations soon.

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Final Thoughts:

The intricate dance of relationships, trust, and deception in “How to Get My Husband on My Side” keeps readers on the edge of their seats. As Rubi navigates the challenges posed by her brother and the looming threats to the kingdom, one question remains: Can she rewrite her destiny and secure a future of peace and love? The upcoming chapter holds the key.

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