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In the upcoming Eleceed Chapter 265, the stage is set for a showdown between Gah-In, a top 50 awakener from Astra’s organization, and Seongha, the protector of Kartein. After witnessing Tanji’s defeat at Seongha’s hands, Gah-In steps up to challenge him. With her ranking within the top 50 awakeners, this promises to be a battle of epic proportions.

The Power Landscape: Korea’s Hidden Awakeners

Eleceed Chapter 264 recap 2

Chapter 264 delves into the intriguing concept of “hidden power” within Korea. The narrative suggests that while Korea boasts numerous powerful Awakeners, many of them remain concealed. This strategic concealment serves a dual purpose: to accumulate power and to avoid international scrutiny.

However, this raises questions about the global power dynamics and the true strength of top-ranked awakeners. If so many potent individuals are hidden in Korea, what does the global stage look like?

Eleceed Chapter 264 recap

Chapter 265: What to Expect?

The imminent chapter will spotlight the face-off between Gah-In and Seongha. While Tanji, a top 100 awakener, was no match for Seongha, Gah-In’s higher ranking suggests a more challenging fight. However, with allies like Juyoung Yoo on Seongha’s side, the outcome remains unpredictable.

Release Schedule: Eleceed Chapter 265

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
IndiaSeptember 26, 202308:30 PM
Central EuropeSeptember 26, 202305:00 PM
New YorkSeptember 26, 202311:00 AM
Pacific TimeSeptember 26, 202308:00 AM
Eastern EuropeSeptember 26, 202306:00 PM
PhilippinesSeptember 26, 202311:00 PM
SingaporeSeptember 26, 202311:00 PM
JapanSeptember 27, 202312:00 AM
AustraliaSeptember 27, 202301:00 AM
IndonesiaSeptember 27, 202312:00 AM
South KoreaSeptember 27, 202312:00 AM

Dive into Eleceed Chapter 265

For those fluent in Korean, Naver Series and Naver Webtoon are your destinations for Chapter 265. English readers can explore the story on Line Webtoon, though it currently hosts up to Chapter 241.

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Final Thoughts:

“Eleceed” masterfully weaves a tale of power, strategy, and the complexities of a world with Awakeners. As the narrative progresses, readers are invited to question the true nature of power and the shadows that lurk behind rankings. Chapter 265 is set to be a pivotal chapter in this enthralling journey.

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