Chapter 138 of The Max Level Hero has Returned Unveils Magical Showdown

In the highly anticipated Chapter 138 of “The Max Level Hero has Returned!”, Yuria’s highest-ranking spirit summoning ritual is about to take place. The main character, Davy Al ROWN, provides commentary as the drama unfolds. A girl with Elvish features casts a powerful magic circle, leaving the land in awe of her abilities.

Ancient Elves’ Legacy Unleashed

As the chapter progresses, we delve into the ancient Elves’ magical legacy, which the girl with incredible magic abilities inherits with a little help from spirit affinity and mana. The action and drama escalate with intense fights and Yuria HELISHANA’s awe-inspiring display of power.

Yuria’s Magical Feat: Ellestra

Yuria HELISHANA showcases her magical prowess with Ellestra, her final magical power. The Highest-Ranked Water Spirit Water Dragon Ellestra amazes everyone, earning her praise from the audience and the spirit of nature’s blessing. However, Davy Al ROWN remains skeptical, pointing out issues with her mana and spirit communion.

Threat of Contamination

Amidst the spectacle, the forest faces contamination, threatening the safety of everyone present. Yuria’s joy is short-lived as she realizes the spreading contamination. Ancient guards intervene to restore order and protect the godly tree.

Elder Konda’s Revelation

Tensions rise when Elder Konde reveals the fate of Myu, who met a tragic end due to curiosity. A playful confrontation between Elder Konda and Davy Al ROWN adds humor to the mix.

Chapter 137 concludes with Davy Al ROWN revealing his true magical abilities, leaving readers intrigued about what’s to come.

The Max Level Hero has Returned Manga Series

Chapter 138 Release Date and Time

Fans can look forward to Chapter 138’s release on Monday, August 07, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. KST. International readers can find it at various timings across different time zones.

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Time ZoneDateTime
US (Eastern Standard Time – EST)August 07, 202302:00 AM
Canada (Newfoundland Time – NT)August 07, 202302:00 AM
India (Indian Standard Time – IST)August 07, 202311:30 AM
Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST)August 07, 202304:00 PM
Philippines (Philippine Standard Time – PHT)August 07, 202302:00 PM
Japan (Japan Standard Time – JST)August 07, 202303:00 PM
South Korea (Korean Standard Time – KST)August 07, 202303:00 PM

Where to Read Chapter 138

“The Max Level Hero has Returned!” Chapter 138 will be available with English translation on Tapas. For those seeking the raw version, Kakao Page will have it ready for readers’ delight.

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