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The highly anticipated return of Boruto manga has been confirmed with a striking announcement visual featured in Japan’s V Jump magazine. Titled Boruto -Two Blue Vortex-, the upcoming series is set to resume serialization in August 2023, sending waves of excitement among fans. Alongside this exciting news, the leak also offers a tantalizing glimpse of Sarada Uchiha’s captivating post timeskip character design.

Sarada Uchiha’s Mangekyo Sharingan Shines Bright

In the previous chapter, readers witnessed an awe-inspiring moment as Sarada Uchiha showcased her prowess and determination by persuading her father, Sasuke, to aid Boruto. The activation of her Mangekyo Sharingan left a lasting impression on Sasuke, leading him to embark on a journey of growth and strength alongside his apprentice.

Introducing “Two Blue Vortex”: A New Chapter in Boruto’s Journey

The name “Two Blue Vortex” draws intrigue and parallels to Naruto Shippuden’s “Shippuden,” indicating a continuation of the legacy. While the direct translation remains enigmatic, fans speculate that it could reference both Boruto and Kawaki, setting the stage for an epic saga filled with extraordinary adventures.

Sarada Uchiha’s Mesmerizing Transformation

Baruto Manga leaks Sarada Uchihas

As the leak divulges, Sarada Uchiha undergoes a captivating transformation with her post timeskip appearance. Sporting short hair, Uchiha clan earrings, and a choker, she exudes a sense of confidence and growth. Her attire has also evolved, as she swaps her previous red dress for a black tube top adorned with a red lining, giving her a fierce and stylish edge.

Embracing the Legacy: A Tribute to Sasuke’s Past

Sarada’s new attire sparks intrigue among fans, as it bears a striking resemblance to her father’s iconic Team Taka days, possibly serving as a tribute to Sasuke’s legacy. The cloak’s colors, reminiscent of the Akatsuki, hint at the inspiration drawn from her father’s past adventures.

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The Adventure Continues in August 2023

Excitement builds as the Boruto manga is set to make its triumphant return in August 2023 with the next issue of V Jump. Fans eagerly anticipate delving into the enthralling narrative of Boruto -Two Blue Vortex- and uncovering the mysteries that await our beloved characters.

The Boruto manga leak has sparked a fervor of anticipation and speculation, as readers eagerly await the continuation of the saga and the unveiling of Sarada Uchiha’s remarkable post timeskip journey.

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