THE BOYZs Eric Faced with Injury Will Sits Out Singapore Show

In an official statement, IST Entertainment shared the story behind Eric’s unfortunate accident. Apparently, he stumbled while preparing for ‘THE BOYZ 2ND WORLD TOUR: ZENERATION in SINGAPORE,’ and his back took the brunt of the unintended performance. Hey, who knew staircases were such formidable dance partners?

The entertainment agency apologized for the incident, informing fans that Eric won’t be taking the stage today. But fear not, loyal BOYZ supporters! While Eric recovers like a true champ, his fellow members will ensure that the show goes on, bringing the electrifying energy and charm that THE BOYZ is known for.

Meanwhile, fans are flooding social media with well wishes. As the K-pop stars continue their ‘ZENERATION’ world tour, the Jakarta and Bangkok concerts are still hotly anticipated. Although Eric might not be part of the lineup today, his presence is felt through the love and support of the fandom, united in wishing him a swift recovery.

THE BOYZ’s spirit remains unshakeable. Let’s all send Eric our best wishes for a speedy and smooth comeback!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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