Park Seo Ham Set to Make His Majestic Comeback in Historical Drama Post Military Service

The wait might finally be over as reports suggest that the talented Park Seo Ham is eyeing his first project after completing his military service. Excitement is brewing as STARNEWS spills the beans that Park Seo Ham is likely to grace our screens in the upcoming historical drama “Takryu” (romanized title).

While fans are eager to see their favorite star back in action, his agency npio Entertainment keeps us on the edge with their response. They neither confirm nor deny the reports, keeping us guessing about Park Seo Ham’s post-military activities. We’re all ears, npio Entertainment!

“Takryu” is penned by the masterful writer Cheon Sung Il, who previously brought us the epic success of “The Slave Hunters.” Brace yourselves for a riveting tale that unfolds in the Joseon Dynasty, revolving around a man who starts as a gangster at Han River’s Mapo Port, the economic heart of the era. Witness his awe-inspiring journey as he becomes a true legend of Joseon, relying solely on his wit and determination.

Park Seo Ham, who made his debut as a member of KNK in 2016 and later left the group in 2021, has been wowing us with his acting prowess. From “20th Century Boy and Girl” to “Just One Bite 2,” “Dating Survival Guide,” “One Fine Week 2,” and “Semantic Error,” he has proved his versatility and talent on the small screen.

Now, we eagerly await official confirmation from his agency and the drama team to see if we’ll witness Park Seo Ham’s grand return in “Takryu.” K-drama enthusiasts, keep your fingers crossed and your hearts ready for what could be an epic historical drama journey with the charming Park Seo Ham leading the way!

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Rajat Mehta

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