Jo In Sung Takes Flight as a Superhuman in Upcoming Fantasy Drama Moving

Jo In Sung is about to soar into your screens with some serious superpowers in the new fantasy action drama, “Moving”! Based on the popular webtoon by Kang Full, this show follows a group of teenagers with hidden superhuman abilities and their parents, who all have a mysterious past. Together, they’ll team up to take on dark forces that threaten multiple generations across different eras.

Jo In Sung plays Kim Doo Shik, a veteran agent with an extraordinary talent – he can fly! Yeah, you heard that right, folks. He’s not just your average hero; he’s got wings! Get ready for some mind-blowing aerial action scenes, courtesy of Jo In Sung’s flying finesse.

The drama’s martial arts director, Ryu Sung Chul, can’t stop raving about Jo In Sung’s skills. Flying with wires isn’t a piece of cake, but this guy makes it look like a cakewalk. Talk about some serious superhero swag!

If you’re eager to catch this high-flying hero in action, you won’t have to wait long. “Moving” is dropping its first seven episodes on August 9, followed by two new episodes every week. So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride with “Moving” – where superpowers and secrets collide in one epic showdown!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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