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In the world of “Miraculous Brothers,” where miracles and truth intertwine, actor Lee Ki Woo dives into his role as Lee Myung Seok, a second-generation chaebol with a complex personality. As the drama prepares for its premiere, Lee Ki Woo spills the beans on his character’s motivations, the challenges he faced, and the delightful atmosphere on set.

Lee Ki Woo

The mystery-filled JTBC drama follows the journey of Yook Dong Joo, an aspiring writer burdened with debt, and Kang San, a boy with extraordinary abilities, as they unravel the secrets of time. Under the direction of Park Chan Hong and the penmanship of writer Kim Ji Woo, “Miraculous Brothers” marks their 11th collaboration in 24 years.

Lee Ki Woo’s character, Lee Myung Seok, is the president of a publishing company and the younger brother of Lee Tae Man, chairman of the prestigious Tae Kang Group. Blessed with both good looks and a sharp intellect, Myung Seok is a chaebol who hides his true colors behind a friendly facade. However, beneath the surface, he grapples with envy and inferiority towards his college classmate, Yook Dong Joo, who achieved bestselling author status.

Describing his character, Lee Ki Woo humorously states, “Myung Seok is a second generation chaebol who seems like an ordinary person and friendly on the outside, but in actuality, he is full of pretense, hypocrisy, and a sense of privilege.”

He adds, “In fact, Myung Seok wanted to be a successful writer, but he couldn’t afford to, so that’s why he feels jealous and envious of Dong Joo, who has become a best-selling author, and even shows insecurities and pettiness that are uncharacteristic of a chaebol.”

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Unveiling the behind-the-scenes secrets of bringing this complex character to life, Lee Ki Woo reveals that it took some serious contemplation and discussions with the director to nail the role of the villain.

He confesses, “I thought about it a lot because it was the role of a villain.” Shedding light on the director’s advice, he adds with a chuckle, “The director told me that it was okay to be insecure and petty, so when I feel envious and jealous of Dong Joo, I should comfortably do whatever I want. So I thought hard about how to make Myung Seok seem mean and how to express his inferiority complex.”

Having previously collaborated with director Park Chan Hong and writer Kim Ji Woo in the drama “Miracle” back in 2016, Lee Ki Woo fondly reminisces about the joyful and uplifting atmosphere on set.

Expressing gratitude for the entire cast and crew, he adds, “Above all, the respect for all actors in front of the camera, regardless of the size of their roles, made me feel grateful and rewarded, so I was very determined not to interfere with the work of the director and writer, whom I trust and respect.”

Concluding his insights, Lee Ki Woo highlights the essence of “Miraculous Brothers” and its relevance to the real world. He muses, “We think of miracles as fantasies, but they actually exist around us, and magical things that change the world happen because of those miracles. In the drama ‘Miraculous Brothers,’ a miracle in which fantasy becomes reality occurs. I hope that this story can provide a glimpse of hope in the midst of all the absurdity and harshness of life.

With the premiere of “Miraculous Brothers” just around the corner on June 28 at 10:30 p.m. KST, anticipation is mounting to unravel the secrets and miracles that await. Will Lee Myung Seok’s two-faced nature bring unexpected twists and turns to the story? Can Yook Dong Joo and Kang San uncover the truth hidden within the fabric of time? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

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