Kazuya using ChatGPT 1

Rent-A-Girlfriend’s Kazuya Kinoshita has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the series, but his latest escapade takes desperation to a whole new level. In chapter 287 of the manga, Kazuya is seen turning to ChatGPI, a parody version of ChatGPT, seeking advice on how to get into a relationship with a girl he likes.

While seeking relationship advice is not uncommon, Kazuya’s actions are met with criticism from the anime community. Fans have voiced their disappointment with the series’ direction, even reaching out to Mangaka Reiji Miyajima on Twitter to express their frustrations.

Despite the series spanning nearly 300 chapters, it appears that Kazuya is still as lost as he was in the beginning. This lack of personal growth raises concerns, especially considering Miyajima’s comments on Kazuya’s personality.

In the midst of these developments, fans can anticipate the return of the Rent-A-Girlfriend anime series with its third season this summer. The upcoming season ranks among the top 10 most anticipated anime for Summer 2023, keeping fans eagerly awaiting what’s to come.

For readers interested in experiencing the rollercoaster ride that is Rent-A-Girlfriend, the series can be found on Kodansha’s new app, K Manga. However, availability may vary depending on the country. Alternatively, readers can access the latest chapters and previews officially on KodanshaComics.

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