Why did  Suguru Geto  turn evil?

By: naveen mehta

Suguru Geto's transformation into evil was a result of various factors: his experiences with people, the flawed system, his own ideals, and unfortunate events.

Suguru Geto’s Flawed Ideals

– Timid Koby was freed by Luffy from Alvida's grasp. – Under Garp's tutelage, he rose to the rank of Captain, earning high hopes from the "Hero of the Marines."

Riko Amanai’s Death & the Star Religious Group

– Riko's death and their mission to protect her made Geto question the righteousness he had upheld. – Toji Fushiguro's unexpected appearance challenged his beliefs further, blurring the lines between the weak and strong.

The Chasm Between Geto and Gojo

– The relationship between Geto and Gojo began to fracture due to their differing ideologies and powers. – Gojo's increasing strength and Geto's descent into darkness pushed them apart.

Yuki Tsukumo, The Final Push?

– Yuki's conversation provided validation to Geto's hatred for non-shamans, giving purpose to his actions. – His frustration and anger culminated in a shocking genocide of non-shamans.

Geto's Downfall: An Unfortunate Lesson

– Geto's spiral into evil was tragic, driven by his sense of righteousness and misguided ideals. – His downfall serves as a powerful lesson for those around him to understand the consequences of their actions.

Final Thoughts

– Geto's character was complex, displaying kindness and sensitivity before his eventual downfall. – Despite wishing for understanding, he walked his path alone, leaving a lasting impact on those he encountered.