One Piece Gear 5 V/S Dragon Ball's Ultra Instinct 

By: naveen mehta

One Piece's Gear 5 teaser is breaking the internet, but will it match up to the iconic Ultra Instinct from Dragon Ball? Fans are divided!

Dragon Ball Fans' Argument

Dragon Ball fans believe Ultra Instinct's hype, popularity, and cultural significance surpass Gear 5's potential.

One Piece Fans' Defense

One Piece fans stand by Gear 5, appreciating its uniqueness and alignment with Luffy's character as a "Warrior of Liberation."

Ultra Instinct, introduced in 2018, left a lasting cultural impact, becoming part of everyday vocabulary.

Ultra Instinct's Impact

Some argue that Gear 5 lacks the novelty of a brand new transformation as fans have already seen its predecessors.

Gear 5's Familiarity

The bickering between fandoms continues, with Dragon Ball fans asserting Goku's superiority and One Piece fans defending Luffy's potential.

Luffy vs. Goku

While some argue, others find joy in celebrating both Luffy and Goku as iconic characters, acknowledging Gear 5's potential to make history.

Appreciating Both Icons

With Gear 5's awakening set to air, anime enthusiasts eagerly await this significant moment in anime history.

August 6, 2023 - A Landmark in Anime