Korean Dramas Releasing in August 2023


The First Responders 2

Brave police officers and firefighters return in an action-packed season with new challenges.

August 4

My Dearest

Witness the love story amidst historical chaos during the Qing invasion in Joseon.

August 4

The Killing Vote

– A suspenseful mystery-thriller where a mysterious figure carries out justice while the public decides the fate of criminals.

August 10

Cold Blooded Intern

Get ready to laugh with a comedy about a woman returning to work after motherhood and the hilarity that ensues.

August 11

Behind Your Touch

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping supernatural mystery romance set in a mysterious rural farm village.

August 12

My Lovely Boxer

Experience the excitement of a sports drama as a sports agent takes on the challenge of reviving a forgotten boxer's career.

August 21

Destined With You

Delve into a fantasy romantic drama with a legal twist, where destiny brings two souls together to break a curse.

August 23