One Piece: Is Luffy the Reincarnation of  Joy Boy?

One Piece episode 1071 to release on August 6, featuring Luffy's Gear 5 transformation.

Joy Boy, the Mysterious Figure

– Joy Boy lived during the Void Century 900 years ago. – World Government erased historical records about him.

No Reincarnation in One Piece

– One Piece doesn't have the concept of reincarnation. Imu is a living individual, not a reincarnation.

Inheritance vs. Reincarnation

– Luffy inherits the Will, not reincarnated as Joy Boy. – Witnessing a form of inheritance in the world of One Piece.

The Successor of Joy Boy

– Luffy is not the reincarnation but the successor of Joy Boy. – Fans eagerly await Luffy's further growth and impact on the world.

Awakening the Devil Fruit

– Joy Boy's Devil Fruit might have awakened 900 years ago. – Luffy's awakening hints at becoming a liberator like Joy Boy.


– Luffy's transformation leads to an epic showdown with Kaido. – His journey continues, carrying the will of Joy Boy and the potential to liberate the world.