Is Garp Going to Die in One Piece? Explained


Garp's Sacrifice

In chapter 1088, Garp sacrifices himself to protect Koby and other marines, declaring them the future of the Navy. He lies on the ground with an ice blade through his chest, smiling as ice freezes around him.

The Frozen Theory

Fans speculate that Kuzan used his Ice Time Capsule technique to freeze Garp, preventing him from bleeding out. This theory suggests Garp's body is preserved in ice, keeping him alive.

Garp's Importance

Some fans believe Garp's significance as a major character makes it unlikely for him to be killed off easily. They think Oda might be setting up a major conflict with Garp's capture, similar to Ace's situation with Blackbeard.

Potential Future Conflict

If Garp is held captive by Blackbeard Pirates, it could lead to another major war. Luffy, the Fifth Emperor of the Sea with a powerful Grand Fleet, would undoubtedly act to save his grandfather.

Blackbeard's Strategies

Marshall D. Teach might use Garp as leverage to negotiate with the World Government or force Luffy to give up his Poneglyphs. Garp's capture would be a valuable bargaining chip for the cunning pirate.

Kuzan's Allegiance

An alternative theory suggests that Kuzan killed Garp to gain the loyalty of the Blackbeard Pirates. Some believe Kuzan is secretly a member of SWORD, tasked with spying on Teach and his allies.

The Unknown Fate

One Piece chapter 1088 merely mentioned Garp's disappearance without revealing further details. The ultimate fate of Vice Admiral Garp remains a mystery, leaving fans eager for future chapters to shed light on his destiny.

As the story unfolds, the question of Garp's life or death continues to intrigue readers. Eiichiro Oda's masterful storytelling keeps us on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the revelation of Vice Admiral Garp's ultimate fate in the world of One Piece.