Chainsaw Man Chapter 137: What's Coming Next?

By: naveen mehta

Fans eagerly await Chainsaw Man Chapter 137, set to release on

Wednesday, July 26 at 12:00 am JST.

Denji's emotional struggles continue, and a brush with physical intimacy leaves him feeling hollow.

The chapter may begin with a continuation of the previous events or a flashback.

Denji will likely reflect on his feelings, craving love but feeling empty despite it.

He may think about Asa Mitaka and possibly pursue her romantically, despite Nayuta's objections.

Nayuta might surprisingly give her blessing for Denji to pursue Asa in the future.

The chapter may end with Denji's thoughts and then shift focus to Asa Mitaka, who plays a crucial role in saving Chainsaw Man.

The appearance of Famine Devil Fami, influencing the Chainsaw Man Church and Asa, could lead to the next major arc.