Story of two university students who must find a way to work together despite being polar opposites.

Semantic Error

8 Episodes

MyDramalist: 8.2/10


Tale of two best friends who support each other and develop their individual love life.

more than words

10 Episodes

MyDramalist: 7.9/10


A passionate friends-to-lovers journey that travels through unexpected twists and turns.

plus & minus

12 Episodes

MyDramalist: 7.9/10


This medical drama fast-paced bromance story where one of the main leads gets caught up in a time loop.


13 Episodes

MyDramalist: 8.6/10


A series that depicts how love deepens its roots through unexpected means, food, in this case. 

To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories

10 Episodes

MyDramalist: 8.2/10


A short series about a 39-year workaholic and his 29-year-old subordinate. 

Old Fashion Cupcake 

5 Episodes

MyDramalist: 8.2/10