8 Epic Best  Quotes from Oppenheimer


“Can You Hear The Music, Robert?”

Niels Bohr talking to Robert while he is a student. Bohr draws parallels between science and music, leaving Robert in an intense realization of his mistake.

“Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds.”

Jean Tatlock shares this famous line with Robert as he reads a Sanskrit novel, reflecting on the consequences of their work.

“You’re Not Self-Important, You’re Actually Important.”

Ernest Lawrence acknowledges Robert's significance in the realm of science despite his complicated personality.

“Selfish Awful People Don’t Know They’re Selfish Awful People.”

Robert faces the reality of his shortcomings as a husband and father, seeking advice from his friend Haakon Chevalier.

“Why Won’t You Fight?”

Kitty Oppenheimer questions Robert's passive approach during a mock trial, defending his character.

“Zero Would Be Nice.”

Leslie Groves expresses concerns about the uncertainty of scientific outcomes, emphasizing the importance of minimizing risk.

“What Stops The Glass?”

Edward Teller humorously ponders the protection from sunscreen-laden glass during the atomic bomb test.

“Don’t Let That Crybaby Back In Here.”

Robert confronts Harry S. Truman, who dismisses him with an insulting remark, highlighting the tense relationship between science and politics.