5 Anime to watch After Oppenheimer

anime recommendations

By: naveen mehta

Barefoot Gen

A powerful anti-war anime depicting the tragic effects of the atomic bomb on a young boy's life and the Japanese people's struggles.

anime #1

Grave of the Fireflies

Follow the heartbreaking journey of siblings during World War II, highlighting the harsh realities of war and survival.

anime #2


Dive into a narrative-heavy anime with dark themes and comedic relief, following the adventures of a self-proclaimed mad scientist.

anime #3

Letters From Hibakusha

An emotional series of anime shorts, sharing the survivors' vivid letters from the Hiroshima bombings and their enduring spirit.

anime #4

Joker Game

Experience the thrilling world of spy intrigue during World War II, following newly recruited intelligence officers and their covert operations.

Anime #5