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In this period of Corona pandemic when most of the world is stuck inside their houses, it is very difficult to not get bored. At this time of crisis, one this that has helped the people to pass their time the most is online content.

Over the years we have seen some great web series coming out of India that not only got fame in the country but attracted international attention too. Although were are a few years behind the rest of the world in creating big web series but our progress is commendable. 

Here a list of 40 Indian web series that received high praise by the public and critics. I am sure each and every one of these will be able to make you happy in such distressing times.

1. Asur

  • Logline: Two forensic experts solving murder mysteries of a serial killer who kills for his religious belief.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Voot
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Cast:  Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Riddhi Dogra

This recent crime thriller by Voot has left the Indian audience stunned. Arshad Warsi making his web series debut in the best way possible acts as Dhananjay Rajput, a CBI officer who has been accused of his wife’s murder. The only man willing to help him is Nikhil Nair, a forensic expert. 

Soon Nikhil finds himself entangled with mysterious serial killings and the narrative of a high IQ serial killer kicks in.

The title has been justified to its best. The mythological theme, suspense, and the murder mysteries fuse to make one of the best Indian web series of to date.

2. Mirzapur

  • Logline: A story about the power struggle between an Overlord and two rookie brothers. The winner gets Mirzapur, the city of crimes.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama
  • Cast: Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, Divyendu Sharma, Rasika Dugal

Mirzapur came at the time when people were all hyped for Sacred Games on Netflix. People got really excited about it and Amazon Prime delivered. It is one of those web series that shows the unfiltered reality of people and society

The story is about the fight between two families. On one side is Akhandanand Tripathi, the overlord of Mirzapur and his not-so-prodigal son Munna. On the other side are Guddu and Bablu, two average brothers caught between the web of greed, power, and ambition.

The show holds no bars and gets as dirty as it can. The dialogues are great, some of which are turned into famous memes. The show’s got a good story, powerful characters, strong language, and impactful scenes. What’s not there to like?

3. The Family Man

  • Logline: The Family Man is a story of a spy who’s finding it difficult to manage both his personal and professional life.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama
  • Cast: Priyamani, Manoj Bajpai, Gul Panag, Neeraj Madhav

Who doesn’t love a good spy story? They are filled with jaw-dropping action and beautiful people playing spies. Though ‘The family man’ has a very good spy story but it’s not a typical 007. This new Indian web series is more focused on the real-life struggles of spies all around.

This is the story of Srikant who secretly works for an intelligence agency in Mumbai. To his family, he’s just a paper passer in a Govt. office. But what he actually does is shooting, interrogating and nabbing terrorists. The nature of his job gives him less time to focus on his family, which is putting a strain on his relationship with wife and kids.

In a way, the web series is trying to honor all those brave people who work in the shadows so that we can live our lives in peace. A must watch for everybody.

4. Sacred Games

  • Logline: It’s a story of an honest Mumbai cop, Sartaj Singh, whose life takes a huge turn when he gets a call from an infamous gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Neeraj Kabi, Aamir Bashir Radhika Apte

I earlier thought, not to include this web series on the list, because it’s already very popular, but then this list would have felt incomplete.

Sacred Games needs no introduction, it literally changed the scene of Indian web series and brought it on the map.

It’s a story of an honest Mumbai cop, Sartaj Singh, whose life takes a huge turn when he gets a call from an infamous gangster, Ganesh Gaitonde. In that call, Gaitonde tells Sartaj that something very bad is going to happen to Mumbai city and he has 25 days to stop it.

The show is an absolute delight to watch. It has got a great story, action, suspense, thrill, dialogues, cuss words, etc. If you still haven’t watched Sacred Games, I don’t know what rock you are living under.

5. TVF Ptichers

  • Logline: A motivational web series about four young men struggling to raise seed funds for their startup.
  • Year: 2015
  • Platform: TVF Play
  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast:  Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar

Do you like the idea of working for others or want to create something of your own? Whatever your answer may be but one thing is for sure that we all like good success stories of people making on their own in this tough world.

‘Pitchers’ is the story of four such individuals who leave their well-earning job to pursue their dream of creating their start-up. It shows their struggle of finding investment for their company, simultaneously dealing with personal life problems.

This Indian web series is one of its kinds and to this day people are waiting for its second season eagerly. One of my top favourites.


6. Samantar

  • Logline: A story of a guy who goes on a journey to find the person who shares the same fate as him.
  • Platform: Mx Player
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery
  • Cast:  Nitish Bharadwaj, Krishna Bharadwaj, Swwapnil Joshi

One of the latest addition to the MX Player Originals series is Samantar. A story shrouded in mystery so much so that every scene is nail-biting. In this world where everyone’s live different fates, what will you do if you find someone out shares the same fate as you? Well, that’s the premise of this story.

Kumar is frustrated with his life. Everything is going against his will. His close friend, Sharad takes him to a renowned fortune teller who tells Kumar that there exists a person who shares the same fate as him. Plus he’s older than Kumar so he has lived through what Kumar is dealing with right now. To find real answers, Kumar decides to go in search of that person and what follows is the plot of the series.

The story is gripping and always keeps you hooked at all times. The acting is phenomenal and characters seem very relatable. Definitely worth your time.

7. Panchayat

  • Logline: An engineering graduate is forced to work as secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav, Chandan Roy

Panchayat is a story that connects you to the roots of the country that is rural India. Although there are a lot of series that are set in the rural backdrop of Uttar Pradesh, most of them are about criminals and gangsters related. Whereas Panchayat takes a mellow approach and shows the more funny and lighthearted side.

The story revolves around Abhishek, an urban engineering graduate who is forced to take up a job in a remote village due to a lack of jobs in the city. He joins as secretary of a Panchayat office in UP village. He finds himself stuck among strange and crazy people and finds it difficult to adjust in the village life. So he decides to work hard and get out of there as soon as possible.

8. Kota Factory

  • Logline: Kota Factory captures the life of IIT and Medical exam aspirants as they face both competition and life.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Cast: Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa

Kota is known as the Mecca of educational institutes in India and has always been portrayed as a place where students go through trauma caused by strict education practices. Kota Factory aims to change that perspective about Kota and IIT preparation. 

Dealing with the pressure of exams and problems in personal life, our main leads takes us on a beautiful journey of a student’s life filled with dreams and struggle. Ever since the series started airing, it instantly connected with people who either prepared or are preparing for IITs. 

This is also the first all black and white web series in India. Also, it continues to be one of the most-watched and appreciated Indian web series on YouTube.


9. The Unforgettable Army

  • Logline: Untold tale of ground soldiers of the Indian national army led by Subhash Chandra Bose during the Second World war.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre:  Historical Drama
  • Cast: Tj Bhanu, Rohit Chaudhary, Sunny Kaushal

After Alt Balaji’s Bose Dead or Alive, the second piece of historical storytelling has been just released by Amazon Prime depicting the story of the Indian National Army’s struggle in the second world war.

The web series highlights the overlooked chapters of the Indian Army while the story develops around Lieutenant Sodhi and his lost love. The story is well depicted in two timelines, the World War II-era, and mid-90s with a blend of CGI and archived real footage.

This five-part mini web series on Amazon prime will take you on a ride of intense patriotism, calamitous flashbacks, and a disheartening love story.

Anyone interested to know about the uncovered truth of Indian freedom fighters and the role of non-violence in India’s independence must tap into this web series.

10. The Verdict – State vs Nanavati

  • Logline: Indian Naval commander Nanavati returns home to find about his wife’s affair. Jealousy leads to a murder that sparks a nationwide drama.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Courtroom Drama
  • Cast: Manav Kaul, Sumeet Vyas, Elli AvrRam

Have you watched the Bollywood movie ‘Rustom’ by Akshay Kumar? If yes, then you know what the story is. But trust me, you can’t miss this one just because of that. And for those who haven’t watched the movie, let me give you a brief synopsis of this new Indian web series.

Set in the period of 1950s Bombay, this is a real story based on the life of Naval Commander Nanavati. On April 27, 1959, Officer Nanavati shots dead a Sindhi businessman with his gun for having an affair with his wife. Then he goes to the police to surrender but pleads ‘Not guilty’.

What follows is a serious courtroom drama filled with many emotions– from anger, sympathy to laughter. Despite being based on a murder case, you will find great humor in this show. Even if you are not into such type of shows, this show deserves your time.

11. Apharan

  • Logline: The temptation of easy money lures a cop to assist in a fake kidnapping. But things take an ugly turn and now he’s the major suspect in a murder case.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Thriller, Crime
  • Cast: Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Monica Chaudhary, Nidhi Singh

If you think that Alt Balaji only makes cheesy content in the adult web series genre, then you need to watch Apharan. It is one of my personal favorites on the list.

It is the story of Rudra Srivastava, a cop in Uttrakhand police who assist in kidnapping a young girl at her mother’s request. The plan’s simple, extort money in exchange for the girl. But a simple kidnapping story takes a sharp curve when Rudra becomes a major suspect in a murder case.

For me, this Indian web series is a complete package. It has some intense scenes, dialogues, and storylines, competing with the likes of Sacred Games and Mirzapur.


12. Special Ops

  • Logline: A trial for the 2001 Parliament terror attach reveals a 6th unidentified terrorist is associated with the assault. Himmat Singh and his agents are on a mission to track him down.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Hotstar
  • Genre: Thriller, Comedy
  • Cast:  Kay Kay Menon, Karan Tacker, Gautami Kapoor

Recently almost every OTT in India has released spy and crime thrillers based on real incidents from the past. Now that Hotstar has emerged as the main OTT player in the market, web series like Special ops have gained a lot of attention from the masses.

Hotstar’s all-new original web series Special ops follow the story of an intelligence office Himmat Singh who is determined to catch the mastermind involved in the 2001 Parliament attack. 

I wouldn’t mark it as rewatch worthy but it is by far the best espionage series made in India after Bard of Blood and you should definitely add this to your watchlist today. 

13. Made in heaven

  • Logline: Chronicles of two wedding planners from Delhi.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Cast: Arjun Mathur, Sibhita Dhulipala, Jim Sarbh, Kalki Koechin

“Made in Heaven” is probably the most praised Indian web series after Mirzapur. The creators have wonderfully combined the complexities of Indian marriage with the mainstream story. The story highlights almost every social stigmas prevailing in the society relating to Indian marriages like dowry, sexuality, age, NRI weddings, and superstitions.

Each episode sets a wedding in the plot and it is one of the reasons why the show will not give you time to get bored. With new faces in the plot, a new story comes up hence keeping you tied up to the screen.

This is a very different concept in terms of what OTT platforms have been releasing in India. Some strong faces in the star cast, the profound social messages, and smart direction backed by Amazon Prime have led this show to gain popularity among the Indian Web Series viewers.

14. Baked

  • Logline: Baked is a chronicle of misadventures of three university flatmates who start a midnight food delivery service.
  • Year: 2015
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Cast: Pranay Manchanda, Shantanu Anam, Manik Papneja.

Baked is a story of three friends studying at Delhi University, who are finding it difficult to survive in Delhi. So they decide to start a midnight food delivery service and chronicles the misadventures begins.

Don’t watch it expecting to see the complicated handling of a startup. It’s more about the insane things one does when in college. The series shows how the guys work, fail and tackle problems while living in the metro city.

The portrayal of college life in DU is quite good. The small details in guys’ apartment like magazines, lights, joints are very believable. The low budget does not affect the quality of the show but makes it look more real. It’s simple and made with a lot of heart.

15. Hundred

  • Logline: An ACP and a civil servant officer team up to achieve their personal goals.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Cast: Lara Dutta, Rinku Rajguru, Karan Wahi

Hundred is a prime example of how to create great women-centric web series. Over the past few years, we have seen a few so-called female lead shows but most of them used cheap sexual tactics in the name of women empowerment.

This latest web series revolves around two women Saumya and Netra. Saumya is a shrewd cop who will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals but deals with sexism in work. Whereas Netra is an innocent and honest civil servant who is suffering from a terminal illness and decides to live life on her own terms. Both decide to team up to achieve their personal goals.

This is Lara Dutta’s debut into the web series world and it is okay to say that she entered the scene with a bang. All the actors did their parts beautifully and this Hotstar web series is definitely a must-watch.

16. Bhram

  • Logline: Alisha usually sees a girl. At first, she thinks it’s just hallucination but later finds out that the same girl died 20 years ago.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Zee5
  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Bhumika Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Eijas Khan

The star of this series, Kalki Koechlin is one of the finest actresses in the Indian entertainment industry and her acting in ‘Bhram’ just proves that fact. Zee5 has gone all the way out to get the best actress and the best location for this Indian web series.

It is the story of Alisha Khanna ( Kalki) who is an author by profession. Her life takes a 360′ turn after she gets into a car crash. To mellow things down in her life she moves to her sister’s house in Shimla. However, upon reaching there, she starts seeing a girl.

At first, she ignores everything, thinking it as mere hallucinations, but upon research, she finds that the girl she saw had died 20 years ago. As Alisha’s interaction increases with that girl, she becomes inquisitive about her past and the reason for her death.

To put it all together, Bhram is an ideal content for binge-watching, which one has to watch if they love a got mystery-horror story.

17. Breathe

  • Logline: A story of a father who decides to take drastic measures to save his dying kid.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller
  • Cast:  Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi

Amazon Prime’s Breathe is still one of the best Indian web series ever made in India. I don’t know about you but I really like stories with an anti-hero. Everyone knows that the lead character’s bad but we still root for them. It requires a skill to create stories like that.

Breathe is a story of a guy named Danny and his son Josh who is suffering from serious lung disease and need a transplant. Josh is number four on the list to get a new lung, but it will be too late till his turn comes. So Danny decides to take drastic measures and decides to kill all three patients before Josh in the donor’s line to save his son.

The story is very powerful, Madhvan has done great acting along with all the other cast, the screenplay is tight and dialogue delivery is top-notch. Perfect for binge-watching.

18. Inside Edge

  • Logline: Inside Edge is the story of powerful people running the most popular game of cricket from the shadows.
  • Year: 2017
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Sports, Drama
  • Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Sayani Gupta, Sapna Pabbi, Aamir Bashir

Cricket is undeniably the most popular game in India for the two most simple reasons, firstly for the excitement and second, for the money and reputation, it brings to the people associated with the game. 

With two successful seasons, streaming on Amazon Prime, Inside Edge holds no punches back in showing the dark side of the cricket premier leagues and it is a no brainer that this web series is a fictional take on the IPL.

The story is filled with clashing interests, greed, sex, money, and power are mere means to an end. The show’s first season was nominated for 46th International Emmy Awards. So if you are a cricket enthusiast and want to explore what happens behind the extreme boundary line of cricket then this web series is a must-watch for you.


19. Ek Thi Begum

  • Logline: A story of fierce women who goes to all ends to punish her husband’s murder.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: MX Player
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Cast: Anuja Sathe, Rajendra Shisatkar, Ankit Mohan

Inspired by a real-life story, Ek This Begum traces the life of a courageous and beautiful woman who vowed to destroy her husband’s murderer, Masood, and his illegal underworld empire.

After Code M, Ek Thi Begum is the second female-centered Indian Web Series that have been able to gain popularity for its engaging and powerful script. The title in itself clearly justifies the straightforwardness of the web series and its inclination towards portraying a strong female lead.

An interesting story, realistic representation, and tightly packed episodes never give you a chance to skip a scene making it a perfect short binge for Sunday night. 

20. Ghoul

  • Logline: A mysterious prisoner is brought to a remote military camp for interrogation. But things get wild when he summons a demon from Arabic folklore and starts killing people.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul, S. M. Zaheer

The story is based in near-future India that has an authoritarian power system. Ghoul is not a typical ghost story but deals with an actual monster of the Arabian folklore and it is believed that he can read a person’s mind and take shape of any person he eats.

The show’s about a female army officer Nida Rahim (Radhika), who works as an interrogator in the remote military center where high profile criminals are brought for interrogation.

One such day, a mysterious prisoner is brought in the facility. The troubles start when that prisoner summons a Ghoul and it starts killing everybody.

Ghoul’s main lead, Radhika Apte is often called the ‘foster child’ of Netflix, because of her appearances in so many Netflix originals. She deserves everything she has earned because of her amazing acting.

21. Happily Ever After

  • Logline: A story about the challenges faced by a Millennial couple in their dream wedding.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Youtube- The Zoom Studio
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance 
  • Cast:  Naveen Kasturia, Harshita Gaur, Shivankit Singh Parihar

The official face of Indian web series, Naveen Kasturia is back with a fresh quirky comedy series that deals with the challenges faced by a millennial couple in their dream wedding.

The premise of this web show is quite relatable. The plot follows Roneet and Avani a young couple who are planning for their dream wedding. Soon they realize the hitches and glitches involved in Indian marriages from overexcited relatives to emotional drama.

A realistic show, hilarious comedy, just 8 episodes and easily available on Youtube are good enough reasons to binge-watch it today.

22. Gandii Baat

  • Logline: Erotic stories depicting dark fantasies from rural India.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Erotic
  • Cast: Anveshi Jain, Flora Saini, Yamini Singh, Vikas Verma

Gandii Baat is the most famous creation of Alt Balaji. It was such a huge success for not only Alt Balaji but one of its main cast Anveshi Jain became the most searched actress on Google.

The adult web series focuses on portraying the sexual fantasies of rural India which was an unchartered territory until now. Rural India has always been shown as a simple orthodox society where sexual fantasies are no more than just a taboo.

Every episode’s a different story with a different cast but one thing remains the same- ‘The Desiness of Gandii Baat’. With three seasons streaming and a fourth one releasing in a month, there’s a lot to be watched.

23. Jamtara: Sabka numberAyega

  • Logline: Young ambitious masterminds in pursuit of becoming rich start a lucrative phishing scandal in the Jamtara district of Jharkhand.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Cast:  Amit Sial, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Aksha Pardasany

Based on a true story of phishing scandals in Jamtara, Netflix India came up with a ten-episode web series depicting the chronicles of young scammers and their aftermath.

The plots and trailer confuse us for it is a story about how the scammers got together and initiated their act of tricking people but actually, the story is more about the acts of phishing and its consequences.

Though Jamtara isn’t the level of show what people have been expecting from Netflix India its unique story and a new cast puts up a nice show to watch.

24. Illegal 

  • Logline: A story of an idealistic lawyer who gets caught between the not-so-perfect judicial system of our country but is determined to get justice for her clients.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Voot
  • Genre: Thriller, Courtroom drama
  • Cast: Neha Sharma, Akshay Oberoi, Piyush Mishra 

There are very few courtroom dramas created in India and ‘Illegal’ definitely set the bar very high for future web series that’ll release in the same genre. 

Niharika is an ambitious lawyer who is kicked out of her firm for raising her voice against her colleague been raped by a superior. She then joins a new law firm where she gets the case of a woman who is convicted for the crime of killing her family and is due to be hanged soon. Juggling through all the professional and personal problems, Niharika goes to all ends to find justice.

The web series for the major part keeps its audience hooked to what’s going on in the story. Certain sections are stretched a bit but overall this Voot Original is a good treat for Indian web series lovers.

25. Queen

  • Logline: A story showing the rise of a small girl for nothing to becoming one of the most powerful women in the country.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Biography, Drama
  • Cast: Vanitha Krishnachandran, Sonia Agarwal, Viji Chandrashekhar 

One of the best Indian web series, Queen is the perfect web series that demonstrated women empowerment. The story is loosely based on the life of Tamil Nadu’s former CM J.Jayalalithaa.

The story revolves around a woman named, Shakthi Seshadri, who rose from humble beginnings and become one of the most powerful women in the history of the country. It’s her journey from becoming a top actress to joining politics and gaining huge popularity in the entire nation.

It’s a perfect show to watch with the family and to show to young girls so that they can take inspiration from the life of this powerful lady.

26. Hostel Daze 

  • Logline: Four friends navigate through their college and hostel struggles in humorous ways.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Cast: Nikhil Vijay, Adarsh Gourav, Shubham Gaur 

Those who have spent time in a hostel growing up can relate that things are wild in there. Sadly I haven’t had the chance to spend any of my time in a hostel. So seeing movies, web series that shows hostel life is all I can do.

This web series is about the story of four friends who are motivated to make a name for themselves in the entire college. This leads to them getting into absurd situations, chutzpahs, clashes and debacles inherent to hostel life. 

‘Hostel Daze’ is an Amazon Prime series but it is created by TVF. Yes, the one that made Kota Factory. One thing is sure that they have mastered the art of portraying student life. I’ll highly recommend you to watch this show.

27. Beetal

  • Logline:  What happens when a dead British colonizer wakes from the dead and strive to take revenge with his dead army.
  • Year: 2020
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Genre: Horror, Fiction
  • Cast: Vineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai

Coming from Shahrukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment, Beetal is a new web series from Netflix starring Ahaana Kumra and Vineet Kumar Singh.

This fictional horror story sets up in a remote village where an undead East India Company Officer plans revenge by developing his army of the dead or zombies. On the contrary modern army forces loaded with modern ammunition try to stop these supernatural forces.

Clearly a new concept in the Indian OTT platform backed by strong direction and storyline. Although I felt that the dead army could have been more horrifying still it is a definite watch for the lovers of the horror genre.

 28. Broken but Beautiful

  • Logline: Two emotionally scared people heal each other’s hearts as they ultimately fall in love.  
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Cast: Pooja Bhamrrah, Jitin Gulati, Vikrant Massey 

We all can agree that ‘Love’ is what gives people the most happiness. But sometimes it can cause immeasurable pain too. ‘Broken But Beautiful’ is a story of two people who got hurt due to ‘love’ and are stuck in their pasts.

Veer is a widower who hasn’t got over his wife’s death and can’t commit to any other relationship. Samira is a psycho-ex, she was dumped by her boyfriend 5 years ago but she still wants to make up with him. Both of them are broken and damaged emotionally. But after they cross paths with each other, things start to change.

All the actors have done phenomenal acting. If you have gone through a bad relationship, chances are you will be able to relate more with the main characters.

29. The Test Case

  • Logline: Journey of a brave woman in a pursuit to break the stereotypes and become the First Female Combat Officer in a male-dominated field.
  • Year: 2017
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Cast: Nimrit Kaur, Akshay Oberoi, Atul Kulkarni

In a time where we are being served with stupid content in the name of feminism, this Alt Balaji web series is a blessing. The show encourages women to follow their passion even if you’re all alone and everyone is against you.

Captain Shikha Sharma is a highly ambitious and patriotic woman. She is passionate about her duty towards the nation as a soldier. She is the first woman to get enrolled in training for special forces thus being “The Test Case”.

Instead of making it a dreamy inspirational story of a woman chasing success in the male-dominated world, the creators have kept the story real while practically describing the hardships a woman is likely to face on the training grounds.


30. A.I.SHA

  • Logline: A.I.SHA is the story of a relationship between a man and woman…only, the woman is the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence Program.
  • Year: 2016
  • Platform: Arre
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller
  • Cast: Harman Singha, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Nimisha Mehta, Raghu Ram, Auritra Ghosh

Its the only sci-fi web series on this list. Although there are a lot of romantic, action and adult web series made in India, very less content comes out from the sci-fi genre.

A.I.SHA has not only been praised in India but also got acclamation worldwide. The story revolves around a guy named Sameer who creates a self-learning A.I Program (Artificial Intelligence). But trouble starts when that program(A.I.SHA) starts developing feelings for Sameer. A.I.SHA proposes to Sameer but he refuses and the angry advanced program starts turning his life to hell.

The series has three seasons but only two of them are available on YouTube for free. The third one you can watch on the Arre app or website.

31. Hello Mini

  • Logline: Rivanah had a great life. A perfect family, job and loving boyfriend. But everything changes when someone starts stalking her. 
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: MX Player
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Cast: Arjun Aneja, Priya Banerjee, Gaurav Chopra

Just the thought of someone always watching, can give creeps to anybody. In an attempt to highlight, the seriousness of stalking as a crime, MX Player came up with a series called ‘Hello Mini’.

In the web series, you see the perfect life of a girl getting ruined by a stalker. Rivanah Bannerjee is an independent girl who lives alone in Mumbai. She’s got a perfect life- caring parents, a great job and a loving boyfriend. But then slowly everything starts to change, as she starts observing that someone has been following, monitoring her every move and trying to get control over her life.

Every moment of the story is a thrill and I was hooked to it all the way to the end. I highly recommend you give this series a shot.

32. Mission Over Mars

  • Logline: A story of four women scientists who play a major role in sending India’s first mission to Mars.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Slice of life
  • Cast: Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh, Neetu Sinha, Palomi Ghosh

It’s the story of four women scientists who works at the Indian Space Agency ( like ISRO). They are a part of a very important space mission which is to send the first Indian made orbiter to Mars. Apart from their job, they are also responsible for managing their homes.

The Indian web series tries to highlight how women in India are capable of achieving anything in their lives and still stay connected to their roots and values. It’s a great show to promote women’s empowerment.

33. Four More Shots Please

  • Logline: A story about four female friends who are single and miserable. But they decide to turn things around and live their life to the fullest. 
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: Amazon Prime
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Cast: Bani J, Sayani Gupta, Maanvi Gagroo, Kirti Kulhari

Four progressive women dealing with the hardships of managing relationships and living in the metro while chasing thrills and enjoying the urban nightlife. So basically this is an Indian version of “sex and the city“.

Although this web series was criticized for being too open about the idea of sex (thanks to the loose script and poor production quality) there are enough good reasons to watch it.

Not the best one from Amazon prime but strong female leads, decent story, average comics, and loads of bold scenes are likely to keep you entertained to the end of the series.

34. Maya: Slave of Her Desires

  • Logline: A trauma causes Sonia to lose her memory. To find a cure, her husband digs deep in her past life and finds something very shocking.
  • Year: 2017
  • Platform: MX Player
  • Genre: Adult
  • Cast: Shama Sikander, Veer Aryan, Vipul Gupta, Parina Chopra

The show follows, the life of a girl named Sonia, who due to some trauma forgets the past six months of her life. To find the cause, her husband is forced to search for answers in her past. What he uncovers is Sonia’s secret life of intense sexuality and twisted fantasies.

The best thing about the show is that it didn’t use slutty scenes to grab attention. The series had subtle messages in it about marriage dynamics and social stigma, which I really appreciated.

If you are looking for a Indian web series that’s both steamy and sensible, then you should definitely checkout Maaya.

35. Chargesheet – The Shuttlecock Murder

  • Logline: A true investigative story relating to a murder mystery of a famous Badminton player.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Zee5
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery
  • Cast: Arunoday Singh, Shiv Pandit

I am really a great fan of the Zee5 App for producing one great Indian web series after another and ‘Chargesheet’ is no different. 

The show is inspired by the true events happened in the ’80s. A seven-time National Badminton Champion is shot dead in broad daylight in front of the stadium. The CBI takes the player’s friend into custody for questioning. Is this a case of betrayal or jealousy or something else?

If you want to know realistic details, you can go and check out the official documents about the case on the internet. But I’ll recommend you see the story unfold on screen first.

36. What the folks

  • Logline: A life of a young man is forced to live with his in-laws for a few weeks.
  • Year: 2017
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Cast: Harsh Vyas, Hitesh Chauhan, Veer Rajwant Singh, Baldev Trehan, Deepika Deshpande Amin

‘What the folks’ is one of the most cherished web series in Hindi on YouTube. The show revolves around Nikhil, who is forced to stay at his in-Law’s house in Mumbai for a while because of work. While Anita, his wife remains in Delhi.

You can say it’s the saas-bahu serial in reverse. During a series of uncomfortable moments and bittersweet interactions with his wife’s family, Nikhil gets to connect with Anita’s parents.

This story will give you so much family vibes that will leave a bright smile on your face.

37. College Romance

  • Logline: College Romance is a story of three BFF’s who fall in love and their ridiculous romantic stories take off.
  • Year: 2018
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Cast: Apoorva Arora, Shreya Mehta, Manjot Singh

If you have been to college you know how great college life is. And even if you haven’t, you can always refer to Bollywood. The two things that are the core of exciting college life are friends and love. There’s no fun in college without friends.

This web series revolves around the life of three college friends – Naira, Trippy and Karan. While Karan and Trippy are the crazy ones, Niara is sensible and holds the group together.

It’s a story about their friendship, love interests and all the other excitements that college has to offer. It’s a great series for you to relive your college memories or to take notes before you start your amazing journey.

38. Virgin Bhaskar

  • Logline:  Bhaskar is an adult novelist in his mid 20’s who is struggling to find a partner and get laid.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: ALT Balaji
  • Genre: Erotic, Comedy
  • Cast:  Anant Joshi, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Dherendra Kumar Tiwari

In a chain of releasing back to back adult web series, ALT Balaji has gone a step ahead to combine an erotic story of a sexually repressed protagonist with some family entertainment and social messages.

The story revolves around Bhaskar, a 26-year-old guy who has serious talent when it comes to writing adult novels but the irony is that he is a virgin with tonnes of fantasies. It is a hilarious adult comedy with spices of love and conflicts.

I found the story losing its nerve towards the second half but the depiction of the unfulfilled sexual desires of the protagonist and how he struggles to hide his notorious side from his girlfriend kept me hooked till the end.

39. TVF Permanent Roommates

  • Logline: A couple in a long-distance relationship of 3 years faces the prospect of marriage.
  • Year: 2014
  • Platform: TVF Play
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Deepak Kumar Mishra

One of the first Hindi web series ever produced in India, Permanent roommates is still one of the best yet. The show that gave TVF its name and made us appreciate the talent of everyone involved in the making of this web series.

The story revolves around Mikesh and Tanya who were in a long-distance relationship for three. After returning from the USA, Mikesh directly goes to Tanya’s house and asks her to marry him. The couple then decides that first, they will live together for some time to find out if they are even compatible.

The shows will definitely make your heart flutter with the cute moments between the lead couple. It has three seasons, so you’ll have plenty to watch.

40. The Office

  • Logline: Remake of famous British Sitcom of the same name.
  • Year: 2019
  • Platform: Hotstar
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Cast: Gopal Dutt, Sayandeep Sengupta, Samridhi Dewan

If you watched the British or American version of this Sitcom, then probably you know how hilarious the show is. Hotstar has attempted to recreate the magic for the Indian audience by creating the desi version of ‘The Office’.

The story is very simple, it presents a 9 to 5 office scenario where the boss, Jagdeep Chadda tries to encourage his always bored employees. He wants to make everyone happy by being funny but unfortunately, no one in his office likes his lame jokes.

The show makes you laugh and you’ll love the chemistry of the characters. It a must-watch for all those who haven’t watched the original version. And for those who have watched the original version, you can still watch this one for all the ‘Desi fun’ it got.