Answering if The Secret in Their Eyes is available on Hulu

 If you keep going over the past, you’re going to end up with a thousand pasts and no future.- Ricardo Morales

Benjamín Espósito is a retired justice agent who decides to write a book on the 25 years old unsolved rape and murder case of Liliana Coloto. He, with the help of his alcoholic partner Pablo Sandoval and former chief Irene Menéndez-Hastings, starts investigating.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Morales, husband of Liliana, is still haunted by the past and wants justice. When the mystery unravels, many secrets are bound to come out. But are they really prepared to face the truth?

Is The Secret in Their Eyes available on Hulu?

As of now, The Secret in Their Eyes is not available on Hulu. However, you can explore a sizeable collection of romance movies and Tv shows on Hulu that are just as good or even better than The Secret in Their Eyes.

Where to watch The Secret in Their Eyes?

About The Secret in Their Eyes

The Secret in Their Eyes

Year of Release2009
Imdb Ratings8.2
Duration 2h 9min

Watch Guide to The Secret in Their Eyes

  • Not available on any subscription platform.
  • Other than Prime Video rent/buy is also offered by the following platforms:
  • The average price for rent/buy is about $3.99 and $12.99 for rent and buy respectively.
  • Not available on any legal source for free.

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The Secret in Their Eyes Cast

Soledad VillamilIrene Menéndez Hastings
Ricardo DarínBenjamín Esposito
Carla QuevedoLiliana Coloto
Pablo RagoRicardo Morales
Javier GodinoIsidoro Gómez

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