Answering if Poldark is available on Hulu

Ross returns to home in England after fighting in American Revolution. All the people close to him thought he was dead. The woman he hoped to marry is now engaged to his cousin.

The land he inherited from his father has been in ruins. Ross tries to change these things and works hard to make the land productive and get the women he loved back in his life.

Is Poldark available on Hulu?

As of now, Poldark is not available on Hulu. However, you can still explore a sizeable collection of Drama and Tv shows on Hulu that are just as good or even better than Poldark.

Where to watch Poldark?

About Poldark

Poldark Official Poster

Year of Release2015
GenreDrama, History
Imdb Ratings8.3

Watch Guide to Poldark

  • All 43 Episodes are available to stream on Prime Video.
  • Out of 43 Episodes, about 30-35 episodes can be found on various Buy/Rent platforms like Google Play and Prime Video itself.
  • The average price for buy/rent is around $1.99 per episode.
  • Not available to stream anywhere for free.

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Poldark Cast

Aidan TurnerRoss Poldark 
Eleanor TomlinsonDemelza Poldark
Jack FarthingGeorge Warleggan
Beatie Edney Prudie
Tristan SturrockZacky Martin 
Luke NorrisDwight Enys

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